5 Tips for Safety When Driving a Rental Truck

January 16, 2018, 8:00

If you’ll be renting a truck to transport cargo or personal items and you’re not a frequent truck driver, it is important to remember that trucks handle differently than do passenger cars. Here are five tips for safety when driving a rental truck–

  1. Give Yourself More Room to Stop

The more a vehicle weighs, the more room that it requires to stop. This means that you should give yourself more time to stop, and allow for more distance between your vehicle and any vehicles in front of you.

  1. Double Check Blind Spots

Another big difference between driving a car and a rental truck is the existence of blind spots. Most smaller passenger cars only have to worry about small sections of blind spots, and most drivers can compensate for these by turning their head around to check for other vehicles through their rear window.

However, when you are driving a truck like a box truck, not only do you have more blind spots, but you are also unable to turn around and check via your rear window, as there is no rear window. Don’t make hasty lane changes, and be very conscious of blind spots.

  1. Slow Your Speed

One of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of an accident is to slow your speed. In fact, because you are in a heavier vehicle, your vehicle will take longer to stop when traveling at a faster speed, and if you are in a crash, the faster you’re going at the time of impact, the more significant damages will be. Slowing your speed is downright safer, and helps make controlling your vehicle easier.

  1. Buckle Up

You should always wear your seatbelt when driving, regardless of whether you’re the driver or a passenger, and no matter the type of vehicles you’re in. Seat belts save lives and prevent serious and catastrophic injuries in the event of a crash.

  1. Exercise Extra Caution When Making Turns

When turning, it is especially important to exercise extra caution. This is because;

  • Blind spots make it harder to see drivers that are located next to you;
  • A rented truck may require more room to make a turn than your passenger car; and
  • The risk of tipping when making a turn at a high speed is increased in a truck.

We recommend that when operating a rental truck, you never make U-turns, plan your turns in advance and change lanes with plenty of time, and slow well beyond the speed limit when approaching sharp turns.

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