Tips for Selecting a Rental Vehicle

September 11, 2018, 5:30

There are numerous situations in which renting a van or truck in Illinois or Indiana can come in handy, or may even be a necessity. Indeed, whether you’re planning a family outing and need to fit 10+ people in a single vehicle or are moving into a new home (or something else entirely), a rental vehicle can help you get…

5 Things to Love About Marcus/Allard Truck Rental

September 04, 2018, 5:30

When you are in need of a van rental or truck rental in Illinois or Indiana, there are a number of different companies from which to choose. While your options may seem endless, Marcus/Allard Truck Rental stands out from the other guys. Here are five things to love about our company: A Long History in Business One thing that really…

Packing Efficiently

August 28, 2018, 6:00

The average U.S. household contains 300,000 items, according to Becoming Minimalist. That is a lot of stuff to move into one box truck. Packing efficiently so as to fit as many objects in the truck as possible, while also ensuring that your belongings do not get crushed or scratched requires that you put some thought into how this Tetris puzzle…

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