Things to Consider Before Choosing a Rental Vehicle

April 07, 2020, 7:48

Choosing a rental vehicle can be difficult since there’s so much to consider. Marcus Allard Truck Rental wishes to make your journey an easy one. We’ve compiled a list of things you should sort out before selecting your rental vehicle. Once you’ve determined all the necessary details, give us a call and speak to one of our team members! We’ll get you set up with a vehicle that works best for your needs. 

Make a List

It’s often helpful to make a list of everything you’re planning to bring in your rental vehicle. This way, you can strategically load the items so that the unloading process is less of a hassle. Keep the list with you so you can account for the items as you take them out of the vehicle. If your list is long, you’ll need a larger vehicle. However, if you just have a few key items, a pickup truck or cargo van might work best. These vehicles are designed especially for transporting smaller loads that don’t fit in your own car. 


Not only do you need to sort out everything you’re putting in the truck, but it’s smart to estimate their weight beforehand. All of our rental vehicles, while sturdy, have a maximum amount of weight they can carry. This includes our pickup trucks, which are great for towing heavy objects like campers. Our trucks have an average payload of around 12,000 pounds, with some variation between models. Be sure your items don’t exceed this limit, or you’ll risk damaging the truck and, more importantly, possibly hurting yourself and other drivers. Our team is happy to help you select a vehicle that has the payload you need. 

Plan Your Route

Think carefully about where you’re headed and its distance. Would multiple trips be feasible, or would it be better to do the entire move in one go? Depending on your answer, you might settle for a smaller sized vehicle, or you should opt for a box truck. If you’ve decided on a box truck, be sure to take care when driving it for the first time. Consider taking a slower route with fewer turns so you have an easier time driving. 

Keep Passengers in Mind

Before selecting a rental vehicle, think about how many people you plan on bringing along. You’ll want everyone to be safe and comfortable during the trip, especially if it’s a long one. Most of our rental vehicles fit about three people, with the exception of our passenger vans, which are suited for large groups. You may need to make arrangements so everyone makes it to the destination safely. If you are renting one of our pickup trucks and need a few extra seats for passengers, consider our extended cab pickup truck, which can fit up to five people. 

Contact Marcus Allard Truck Rental to Book a Rental

If you’d like some extra assistance in choosing a rental vehicle, call Marcus Allard Truck Rental. One of our team members can help you explore our various rental vehicles and give you advice on which one would work best for you. Call us today for affordable truck rental in Highland!