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Pickup Truck Rentals Perfect For Family Activities

Families can find the answer to their transportation challenges at Marcus Allard Truck Rental. If you don’t own or have access to a pickup truck, a pickup truck rental can be just what you need!

Getting Gear Where You Need It

Is it time for a remodeling project and you are tackling it as a do-it-yourselfer? Is it your child’s birthday and you are renting a cotton candy machine for a special treat? Is your senior graduating from high school and you need to transport chairs, tables, and tents?

All of these special events require big and cumbersome items that you may not be able to pick up and get to your location. That is where a pickup truck rental comes in to make your life a little easier and ease the stress for your special event in Chesterton!

Reasons For Your Pickup Truck Rental

The bed of a pickup truck can be the place for your party requirements, but the room is also there inside the cab for your smaller components. With all of the available room, you can make one trip to all of your places before returning to your home or party venue. Renting a pickup truck allows for an easy day that is also stress-free.

Pickup truck rentals are a safe and effective way to get around town and pick up party supplies. If you are not usually a pickup truck driver, you will notice the benefit of sitting up higher from the road, which can allow for a different perspective and a better view of the road.

Breaking Down the Benefits

At Marcus Allard Truck Rental, most of our vehicles are from the current year. Features range from automatic transmissions and air conditioning to hitches and a flexible rental schedule. If you only need a pickup truck for as little as 24 hours or for a week or month at a time, we will work with you to fit your needs.

We have F-150 pickup trucks as well as F-250 models and 4×4 pickup trucks too. We also have available for rent extended cab pickup trucks and crew cab pickup trucks.   

Working With You

If you need to plan your family’s next special event but have too much equipment or big items then contact us today. To learn more about our rentals, visit us at 8820 Indianapolis Blvd. in Highland, call us at (219) 838-0200 or send us a message online. Find answers to your questions on our FAQs page where you will also be able to review our policies.

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