Chicago Heights Rental Trucks

While passenger cars offer more fuel efficiency and are great for the demands of day-to-day life and commuting, if you have a job that requires heavy lifting, you need a truck. At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, we offer the Chicago Heights rental trucks that you can depend on.

Our Chicago Heights Rental Truck Options

Our goal is to offer you a range of different rental truck options in Chicago heights so that you don’t have to settle; instead, you can select the perfect truck for the job. We maintain a large fleet of vehicles, most of which are current year model and all of which are well-maintained and regularly serviced. Our line of Chicago Heights rental truck options include:

  • F-150 pickup trucks;
  • Extended cab pickup trucks;
  • Crew cab pickup trucks;
  • F-250 pickup trucks;
  • Box trucks (14- and 16-foot options available);
  • Stake trucks (various lengths available); and
  • 4×4 pickup trucks.

If there’s a truck that you know you need, call our team today to make your reservation ASAP.

Features of Our Chicago Heights Rental Trucks

While our trucks may come in different sizes and be intended for different jobs, most of our trucks have the following features in common:

  • Liftgates. Liftgates allow you to load a moving truck or stake truck more easily, eliminating the requirement to lift hundreds of pounds’ worth of items. Our 16-foot moving trucks and stake trucks both come standard with liftgates.
  • Short- and long-beds. If you are planning on renting a pickup truck from our company, note that we have both long- and short-bed trucks available. This can be an important consideration when planning your moving needs.
  • Passenger seating. All of our trucks come standard with three-passenger seating, with the exception of our extended cab and crew cab trucks, which come with five-passenger seating.
  • Air conditioning. When the summer sun is beating down, it can get hot in the states of Indiana and Illinois. To help keep you cool and comfortable, our trucks come standard with air conditioning.
  • Automatic transmission. Finally, for ease of navigation and a greater ability to focus on the road ahead, our trucks all come standard with automatic transmission.

Questions to Ask to Determine Your Rental Truck Needs

If you’re not sure what truck type you need, asking yourself the following questions can help–

  • Is anyone coming with me? If you’re planning on transporting more than two other passengers (in addition to yourself), choosing on our pickup trucks with additional seating is a must.
  • How much will I be carrying? Different trucks have different payload capacities. Review our website or talk to one of our specialists to learn more about how much the truck you’re looking at can carry.
  • Do I need to tow anything? If you need to tow anything, it’s important that you’re aware of how much the item you’re towing weighs. Then, familiarize yourself with the towing capacities of different vehicles.
  • How far will I be traveling? If you’re traveling a long distance, having a larger truck that allows you to fit everything in one load is important; if you’re only going a few miles, making multiple trips–and therefore renting a smaller vehicle–may not be as much of an issue.

Reserve Your Chicago Heights Rental Truck from Marcus/Allard Truck Rental Today

To learn more about our Chicago Heights rental trucks from Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, give our office a call directly today or send us a message telling us more about your truck needs. We are here to serve you.

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