Crown Point Moving Truck Rental

If you’re planning to move to a new home, you need a rental vehicle that’s up for the task. You have lots of furniture to take with, and you want to avoid making multiple trips. The best way to make the process easy is by renting a box truck! At Marcus Allard Truck Rental, our Crown Point moving truck rental gets you where you need to go. We put time and effort into maintaining our vehicles to ensure that your moving project is a success. 

Marcus Allard Truck Rental: Our Vision

Truck rental is more than just borrowing a truck for a while. It’s a way to make your life easier, as well as more affordable. Planning a move can result in thousands of dollars worth of fees when you hire a moving team. Renting our box trucks is a cheaper alternative. The entire moving project is in your hands, so you determine how long the move will take and what will be put in the box truck. You’ll have more freedom to make important decisions. 

Marcus Allard Truck Rental aims to meet your highest expectations. We understand that moving takes time, so we rent our trucks out by the week, month, or longer. No need to rush the trip: take your time and make sure everything’s accounted for. We’re happy to help you choose the rental vehicle that best fits your goals. That’s a part of our mission, which is to make truck rental a painless process. 

Moving Trucks and More

Like the rest of our vehicles, our moving trucks are sturdy and dependable, making them the best choice for anyone who’s moving. Our team puts a lot of care into these trucks, checking them for problems, and making sure everything’s in top shape before you pick it up. We don’t want you to encounter a problem while you’re renting a truck, but if you do, we’ll take care of it promptly. 

You can choose between our 14-foot and 16-foot box trucks. In terms of transmission and comfort, there’s not a huge difference between the trucks. Both have air conditioning and CD players, too. However, our 16-foot truck has the additional perk of being equipped with a lift gate, making it an excellent choice for getting heavy furniture on without a problem. Plus, they’re very spacious. You can expect to fit several rooms worth of furniture onto a box truck.

In addition to moving trucks, any of the following vehicles may come in handy while you move:

If you think you’d like to rent one of our other trucks, too, just let us know!

Get the Best Crown Point Moving Truck Rental

Marcus Allard Truck Rental has the best Crown Point moving truck rental. We aim to be the top rental company in the area, and we carry out this mission through great customer service and quality vehicles. No matter what you need our services for, know that our rental vehicles can’t be beaten. Call us today to reserve your moving truck!

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