Hammond Moving Truck Rental

If you need a moving truck rental for a day, a weekend, a week or even longer near Hammond, consider Marcus/Allard Truck Rental conveniently located at 8820 Indianapolis Boulevard. They have been helping Hammond residents and commercial business owners for over half a century. If you ask anyone around the region, you are sure to hear that the professionals at  Marcus/Allard Truck Rental are good people to do business with particularly for moving truck rental.

Sometimes you need a moving truck rental near Hammond because you need to pick up furniture from a relative or you need to get the items you had stored in a professional storage location. Marcus/Allard Truck Rental has 14-foot and 16-foot box trucks in their fleets, which would be ideal for either of these scenarios. No matter what size box truck you decide for your moving truck rental you can depend on it if it is from Marcus/Allard Truck Rental. They take care of their fleets and have technicians as employees who make sure all the trucks are in good working condition.

How to Select the Best Moving Truck Rental for a Local Move

If you need a moving truck rental for a day, you will need to consider what your load will be to select the best option for you. For instance, if you will be picking up appliances and kitchen and living room furniture, your best bet would be a 16-foot box truck.

At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental near Hammond, the 16-foot box truck has the following features:

  • Lift Gate. Every 16-foot box truck has a lift gate.
  • 3-Person Seating. The cab has seating for three people, which includes the driver.
  • Heating/Air Conditioning. The cab also has heat and air conditioning, so depending on the time of year you get your moving truck rental the interior cab temperature will be suitable.
  • Automatic Transmission. Each moving truck rental has automatic transmission.
  • AM/FM Radio. Each moving truck rental has an AM/FM radio.

With a moving truck rental from Marcus/Allard Truck Rental near Hammond, you can have more than one driver on the contract for a minimal charge. Both drivers need to be 21 years of age or older and need valid state drivers’ licenses.

Need a Moving Truck Rental near Hammond Today?

If you are looking for a local one-day moving truck rental near Hammond, stop by Marcus/Allard Truck Rental on Indianapolis Boulevard. Or feel free to telephone us at 219-838-0200. Or if you are online, send us a message directly using the contact form that you will find on our website.

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