Hammond Moving Van Rental

Hammond Moving Van Rental To Transport Your Belongings

Our crew today is the blend of two professional companies that merged to bring you the truck and van rental services that we offer today. Our Marcus/Allard team was created in 1995 when the Allard Truck Rental company became part of the original Marcus Auto Lease Corporation. What does this mean for our customers? That we have the extensive knowledge and expertise rooted in years of being part of our industry here in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region. We bring a professionalism that is based in a foundation of community as we strive to give back through donations and volunteerism whenever we can. 

Hammond Moving Van Rental for Your Apartment

No matter what you are moving or where you are going, we will have a truck or van that will make your journey, adventure or project easier. Our cargo vans are ideal for helping you transport your belongings from an apartment or small house to a new place. There is up to 149 cubic feet of storage in the back with up to 1,515 pounds of payload. A cargo van can not only help with a move to your next spot, but also help with your next project or special event. The covered area in the back of a cargo van is ideal to get your decorations, tables, chairs and gifts to the location of a professional or personal event. If you have to rent or borrow tools or pick up supplies for a do-it-yourself project, a cargo van can also make your task easier/

Our fleet also includes passenger vans for any journey or adventure that you have planned soon. If you are going on a trip and you do not have a large enough vehicle to have everyone together, a passenger van allows you to travel together. We have two sizes of passenger vans: for 12 and 15 passengers and room for up to 5 bags or luggage. Going on an adventure all together can make that next family trip or ladies-only adventure even more special.

Hammond Moving Van or Truck Rental is Ready for You

Beyond vans, our fleet includes both box trucks and pickup trucks to help with everything you need to get accomplished. Box trucks are another way to move your stuff in two sizes: 14- or 16-foot options. Box trucks can be a better option than a moving van if you are needing to load up heavier items that would benefit from having the assistance of a liftgate, which is on the larger size box truck.

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We are always focused on our customers and providing the best service for them rental after rental. If you have any questions, contact our crew today through our online contact form

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