Highland Moving Truck Rentals

Whenever you need a moving truck, Marcus Allard Truck Rental is the place to go. Our Highland moving truck rentals are just what you need when your goal is to move across the country or just locally. Our team offers the guidance you need when selecting the right truck for your needs. We’ll help make your trip a success. 

The Best Highland Moving Truck Rentals 

There’s nothing like a fresh start. Whether you are moving to your dream home or to the ideal neighborhood for you and your family, successfully moving to your new home is a priority. You want the trip to be enjoyable, as well as stress-free. A DIY move is a great choice for this reason. The entire moving project is in your hands, from start to finish. You have complete control over everything, from packing to driving the truck and eventually unloading it. That being said, it’s not enough to just rent any old moving truck. You need to choose a proper truck rental business so you know for sure that you are choosing a high-quality vehicle you can depend on. 

Marcus Allard Truck Rental has been in business for many decades. Our team knows exactly what to do when you arrive with a specific vehicle in mind. We will help you choose the best vehicle that will be most helpful on your trip. 

Our services are satisfaction guaranteed. You are sure to be pleased by the quality of our rental vehicle—and the customer service that we provide!

Choosing the Right Box Truck

The type of truck that’s typically used for moving purposes is called a box truck. These large, spacious trucks can fit several rooms’ worth of furniture and belongings. We have two trucks to choose from: our 14 foot and 16-foot box trucks, respectively. As its name suggests, the 16-foot box truck is larger and features a lift gate to help you load and unload items. Our box trucks are carefully maintained before and after each client. We carefully check the vehicles for leftover items, dents, damage and any other issues that could become a big deal. That way, our clients don’t need to worry and can focus on other priorities. 

We want you to feel confident driving our box trucks, so we ensure that you receive a high-quality vehicle that does exactly what you need it to. It’s our way of showing our customers how much we appreciate them.    

We rent our vehicles out for days, weeks and longer at a time. We understand that everyone’s moving project is different. We meet your individual needs so you can rent a vehicle for as long or short as necessary. 

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Planning a moving project is easy when you choose Marcus Allard Truck Rental. With so many rental vehicles to choose from, we have you covered. We make moving stress-free with our simple rental services. The process will take no time. If you are ready to learn more about our Highland moving truck rentals, just give us a call today

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