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Whether you’re planning a big move, have purchased a large item and need to transport it back to your home, or are planning an event that requires moving large items or people, the last thing that you want to have to worry about is transportation. Indeed, for all of these activities (and more) transportation–and how you will possibly move items so big or that many people–can be the biggest obstacle. At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, we have been supplying the ideal solution for customers in Homer Glen and surrounding areas for nearly 60 years: van rental.

Why Choose Van Rental in Homer Glen?

If you need to move people or personal items, you may have already thought about renting a vehicle, although may have some questions about which options is best for you. Before you make a decision, though, consider that there are many benefits to van rental, including that:

  • All vans are not the same – we have a big selection to choose from. Just like trucks, vans come in all different sizes and can be rented for a variety of different needs. Consider the fact that our passenger vans, for example, can be used to transport up to 12 or even up to 15 passengers! Our cargo vans also can be rented for different purposes, with up to 149 cubic feet of storage room available, and up to 1,515 pounds of payload!
  • Vans are user-friendly. Another reason that many people prefer to rent vans from us as opposed to a truck is that not everyone is comfortable operating a large box truck, which does indeed have more blind spots, and is certainly more difficult to park. Vans, on the other hand, resemble passenger cars much more in their handling than do large trucks.
  • We offer flexible rental policies. If you’re thinking about renting a vehicle in Homer Glen, passenger or cargo van rental from Marcus/Allard Truck Rental is ideal as we offer flexible rental policies. In fact, not only do we allow you to drive our vehicles anywhere within the continental United States and Canada, we also offer great rental periods. Instead of hourly rentals where we insist that you get your rental vehicle back to us in a very short turnaround time, we offer rentals by the 24-hour period. In fact, we offer weekly and monthly van rental periods too, which means if you need a van for a longer time frame, we have you covered!

Rent a Van in Homer Glen from Marcus/Allard Truck Rental Today

If you are in need of a rental van, working with Marcus/Allard Truck Rental is a smart choice. We care about more than just making a profit, and always put the customer first. Founded in 1958, we have years’ worth of experience refining our business practices in order to operate as a company today that knows the values of hard work, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about our rental vans, our policies, and our prices, please contact us today. You can reach us online by sending us a message, or feel free to call us directly for more information.

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