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Passenger and Cargo Van Rental in Lansing

While your small vehicle may be more fuel efficient, it probably doesn’t serve you well when you need to move furniture, transport heavy items, or get a large group of people from one place to the next. When your passenger car just won’t do the job, do not hesitate to contact our experienced team at Marcus/Allard Truck Rental. We are your transportation solution, providing myriad-sized vans for all of your moving or passenger needs.

Passenger Van Rental

One of our most popular van rental options are vans for passenger transportation. Our 12 and 15-passenger vans are perfect for large groups of people who require transport as part of a community outing, church group outing, volunteer project, camp activity, family reunion, vacation, and more. These vans are equipped with heating and cooling controls in both the front and the back of the vehicle, as well as entertainment options (such as a CD player) for keeping everyone happy during the journey.

Cargo Van Rental

If you have large items that you need to transport, or if you are moving, our box vans and cargo vans are the perfect solution for you. These large vans can store everything you need – our box vans are 14’ in length, making them perfect for couches, mattresses, dressers, and more! These vans can also be used to transport a number of other things, ranging from building materials to personal items to work tools and more.

We Offer Flexible Services that Work for You!

We want to make sure that when you work with our team at Marcus/Allard truck rental, you walk away from the experience feeling good about your decision to invest in our company. That’s why we offer flexible services that work for you. For example, rather than renting our vans by the hour in Lansing, we provide a minimum of a 24-hour rental, giving you plenty of time to get wherever you need to go and back. This is particularly ideal for those doing volunteer projects or large group outings, as there is no rush to return the van same-day. In addition to daily rentals, we can also offer our vans for weeks or months at a time depending upon your needs. If you need a van for longer than that, please talk to us and we will try to work something out.

We also offer flexible payment options, accepting all major forms of payments, including credit cards, debit cards, and cash. While we do not allow those under 21 to operate our vehicles, we do allow additional drivers over age 21 to be added to your policy for a minimal charge.

Why You Should Work with Us

We believe in community and customer service, and prioritize both in our everyday operations. We love the Lansing community, and have been in business since 1958, giving us the experience we need, and the opportunity to develop trust and a good reputation in the area. We know that good business is about more than profits, and have donated vans to numerous organizations in need in our community, including the Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and the Humane Society. We are respected by leaders of our city and state, including the Chamber of Commerce and Hammond Rotary. We have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

When you call Marcus/Allard Truck Rental for Lansing van rental questions or needs, we will do everything we can to ensure that that need is satisfied. We care about you and your experience – let us prove it to you today.
To schedule a van rental in Lansing or ask more questions, please contact us today at 219-838-0200. You can also email us directly at jeff@marcustruckrental.net.

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