Matteson Truck Rental

Finding a reliable Matteson truck rental company doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, when you rent from Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re working with a company with a long history in the community and one that offers affordable prices and maintains honest policies. If you need to rent a truck for personal or professional reasons, we want to be your go-to. Call our Matteson truck rental company today to get started.

Reasons You Need a Matteson Truck Rental

There are dozens of different reasons why you may need to rent a truck in Matteson or surrounding areas of Illinois or Indiana. These reasons include:

  • You’re moving. If you’re moving, you’ll certainly need a truck to handle the transportation of your furniture and personal items.
  • You’re planning something fun. Are you planning a camping trip? Or a vacation that involves RVs, a boat, or jet skis? If so, towing may be necessary, in which case a truck is your only option.
  • You’re getting organized. Doing some yard work this weekend? Cleaning out the garage? If so, you may have loads to bring to the dump or the donation center. A truck can get you there.
  • You bought something new. Did you recently purchase a new couch or dining set? How about a treadmill or other piece of recreational equipment? If you want to save money on delivery, you can pick up your item with a truck.

Types of Matteson Truck Rental Vehicles We Offer

We offer a variety of different trucks for rent – we understand that there is no perfect truck that can do it all. To help you get the job done, we offer F-150 and F-250 pickup trucks, stake trucks, extended cab pickup trucks, 4×4 trucks, and box trucks. All of our trucks come standard with three-person seating (up to five passengers for our extended cab trucks), automatic transmission, and air conditioning. Our larger box trucks and our stake trucks also feature liftgates to help you move items in and out more easily.

Not only do we offer superior vehicles, but also great rental policies, too. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rentals; you can drive your truck anywhere within the continental United States or Canada; adding another driver to your policy is possible for a small fee; and we accept all major forms of payment.

About Our Matteson Truck Rental Company

Our Matteson truck rental company has been serving customers in Indiana and Illinois for over six decades! Founded in 1958 as a company that rented and leased vehicles from our Highland location, we have grown to a major truck rental company in Matteson and surrounding areas.

Our team is dedicated to our customers and passionate about what we do. We believe in giving back to our community and regularly contribute to various community service projects and local organizations. When you work with us, you can trust that you’re working with a reputable company that takes pride in doing good business.

How to Make Your Matteson Truck Rental Reservation

If you’re ready to make your Matteson truck rental reservation, all you have to do is call our team directly or send us a message telling us more about your truck rental needs and we’ll get in touch ASAP. Reach out to us today to get started.

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