Merrillville Cargo Van Rental

When you need to move a large amount of stuff, it can turn into a job that your car just can’t handle. When you need extra space, it’s time to rent a vehicle, like a cargo van. At Marcus Allard Truck Rental, we have plenty of sturdy cargo vans ready for you to reserve. Just give us a call and we’ll set you up with the vehicle that you need.

Why Rent a Cargo Van?

Cargo vans are a popular choice for all kinds of purposes since they have many features that regular vehicles simply don’t have. Transport your band equipment to a gig, or haul everything you need for your annual employee picnic. No matter what you need to do, our cargo vans are sure to help:

  • Additional Space. Cargo vans are designed to carry heavy, large items, no matter what they may be. The backs of the vehicle are spacious and open, letting you pack in up to 1,500 pounds. It’s safer and easier than attempting to cram everything into your small car. 
  • Moving Made Easier. Moving to a new home is a chance to start life anew. It’s an exciting time, but also a bit chaotic, considering how much you must organize. A cargo van is perfect for when you’re moving. In addition to renting a moving truck, having a cargo van will come in handy for any delicate items you’d rather keep out of the moving truck. 
  • Inexpensive Alternative. In many cases, renting a vehicle is cheaper than using your own, especially if you’re planning a longer trip. Avoid putting extra milage and strain on your vehicle by choosing a cargo van to complete the job. 

Rely on Marcus Allard Truck Rental

No matter why you need a rental vehicle, Marcus Allard Truck Rental will provide just what you need. We have all kinds of useful rental vehicles that serve many purposes. Whether you’re moving to a new town or towing your camper on a family vacation, our rental trucks will come in handy. In addition to cargo vans, we have many types of vehicles that you can rent:

  • Pickup Trucks. Looking for affordable pickup truck rental? Just give us a call! We have several models of pickup trucks available. From extended cab pickup trucks to ones with large beds, we have what you’re looking for. 
  • Moving Trucks. A box truck is a must-have for any DIY moving project. We provide two kinds of box trucks to help make your move a success. 
  • Passenger Vans. Group transportation has never been easier with our passenger vans. These seat up to 15 people, making your family or work road trip hassle-free. 

All of our vehicles undergo careful examination and cleaning after each client. We want you to be completely satisfied with your rental and your experience with our team, so never hesitate to reach out to use if there’s some way we can help. 

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Marcus Allard Truck Rental is a leading rental company. We’re the number one choice for Merrillville cargo van rental and so much more. Book your high-quality vehicle today, and hit the road!

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