Merrillville Moving Truck Rental

Marcus Allard Truck Rental serves Northwest Indiana through our Merrillville moving truck rental services! Since 1958, our company has delivered the truck rental services that our clients need. We have grown over the years, with our rental services expanding from moving trucks to pickup trucks and vans. No matter what kind of rental vehicle you are searching for, you are sure to find it at Marcus Allard. 

Why Rent a Moving Truck From Marcus Allard?

Not every moving job requires a moving truck. Sometimes, you have only a few things you are moving, so a pickup truck or a cargo van might be better suited for the task. But when you have large rooms filled with stuff you need to transport, you need something larger that can safely carry everything. 

Our moving trucks are perfect for the job! Spacious and clean, you will be satisfied with the rental truck you book. We understand that when you have the stuff to move, you don’t have time to be cleaning out a truck. With other truck rental companies, you aren’t necessarily guaranteed to get the vehicle you want, and you won’t find the same attention to cleanliness that our team has. At Marcus Allard, you will also discover:

  • Great customer service. Our mission is to serve our community by providing the best truck rental services in the area. As part of this mission, we recognize that any business has an obligation to its clients. We work hard to have excellent customer service so you have a great experience working with us, from your initial call to the day you return your rental vehicle.
  • More than a business. Marcus Allard Truck Rental has a long history. After our respective companies merged together to form what we are today, we decided to unleash our true potential and reach new heights. We aren’t just a truck rental company: we have deep ties to our community, having played an active role in several community groups and through our donations to important causes. 
  • Variety of rental trucks. A truck rental company should anticipate serving clients with all kinds of needs. As part of this belief, we provide many different trucks for you to rent. Whether you need a rental van to transport a soccer team or a cargo van to get those wedding decorations to the venue, we have the vehicle you are looking for!

Vehicles You Can Rent With Us

Marcus Allard Truck Rental offers several different types of rental vehicles for you. Rent one of our:

  • Box trucks
  • Cargo vans
  • Passenger vans
  • Pickup trucks
  • Stake trucks

All of our vehicles are covered under our insurance policy and are regularly maintained. After each client has finished renting the vehicle, we clean it out and remove any leftover debris. Then, we carefully inspect it to ensure that it is ready for the next client to use. 

Depend on Marcus Allard For Your Next Rental Vehicle

Rely on us the next time you need a rental vehicle. If you are interested in renting a box truck with Marcus Allard, call us today! You can instantly book a Merrillville moving truck rental that gets the job done. For more information and other inquiries, use our website’s contact form. 

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