Moving Truck Rental Cedar Lake

Moving Truck Rental Cedar Lake

Experts Here for Your Moving Truck Rental in Cedar Lake

Our professional team has been serving our communities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region since 1958. Once two separate companies, we have merged into an exemplary source for renting a truck or van for your next project, move or adventure. Our Marcus Auto Lease Corp. side has been at our Highland location since the very beginning. We brought in the Allard Truck Rental side in 1995. We bring a long history of renting vehicles and serving our customers with a strong tradition of quality and well-maintained vehicles as well as the support and service that will keep you smiling while you are on the road.

Moving Truck Rental Cedar Lake for Your Trip

Today, Marcus Allard Truck Rental has a large fleet of trucks and vans. Our pickup trucks can be put into use for all of your home improvement projects that you may need a hand with. The trucks can help you pick up large items and supplies from the store and get it back to your place without having to borrow your friend’s truck. We have a variety of sizes and types of pickup trucks. The F-150 pickup trucks are available in short or long beds as well as 2- or 4-wheel drive. An F-250 pickup truck has a 12,000-pound towing capacity for heavier loads. If you have additional passengers that you need room for, you can rent a crew cab or extended cab pickup truck. Either can seat up to 5 people in the cab. We have a stake truck for large projects. They are available to rent in different sizes, including 12 feet and 22 feet. All have lift gates, which help you load and unload heavy objects.

If you are worried about protecting your belongings or equipment from the weather, then you can rent a box truck from our team. These are in either a 14-foot size or a 16-foot size. The larger version has a lift gate. The enclosed cab will help you transport items protected and without worry during the rain or snow.

Moving Truck Rental and More Near Cedar Lake 

A passenger van is the perfect transportation for your large party. You can rent either a 12-person passenger van or a 15-person passenger van. Being all together while traveling to your adventure or trip will make it even more enjoyable and help you all stay on track for your trip’s timeline. Our vehicles are kept current, so they are ready to go for you! Many of our vehicles also have hitches, so you can tow your trailer, boat,  or more. 

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