Moving Truck Rental Near Hobart

Planning to move to a new home is exciting. There’s much to take care of, and renting a truck is likely on your to-do list. Marcus Allard Truck Rental has the rental vehicles you need for any occasion. We offer moving truck rental near Hobart that’s guaranteed to satisfy you. Our moving trucks are regularly maintained and spotlessly cleaned so you don’t have to worry about trouble while on the road. 

Affordable Moving Truck Rental Near Hobart

Marcus Allard continues to provide some of the most affordable rental services around. We understand that you’re on a budget, so our trucks are an excellent option when you’re moving to a new town. We have two box trucks available that have different features, so talk to our experts about which model would be best for you. 

Box trucks are an efficient way to get around. In fact, if you are planning a DIY move, a box truck is your best bet. These trucks are spacious and have high payloads so you can fit several rooms worth of furniture inside. Our 16-foot truck has a liftgate for easy loading and unloading, making it perfect for your moving project! 

Our Other Vehicles Come in Handy, Too

If you’re moving, you might need to rent other vehicles to complete your trip. We have several kinds of vehicles available to help you with your move:

  • Cargo Vans. Cargo vans are perfect for when you have delicate items that you want to keep out of the moving van. Antiques, fine china, family heirlooms, and other important objects can be carefully transported using a cargo van. They’re big enough to fit many items, including smaller pieces of furniture. 
  • Stake Trucks. Bringing along yard tools, like your push mower? If you want to keep such items away from what’s in your moving truck, consider renting a stake truck. You can easily load and safely secure your items to the bed of this truck, so it’s a great option. 
  • Pickup Trucks. Pickup trucks are another way to transport important items. We have several models available, with different bed sizes and the number of seats. 

Why Choose Marcus Allard Truck Rental?

You deserve a quality rental vehicle, as well as an outstanding customer experience. That’s why you should rely on Marcus Allard Truck Rental whenever you need reliable transportation. Our company has been around for more than 50 years, participating in our local community. We believe in giving back, and we use these values in our practice. Each of our rental vehicles offers the comfort and safety you require as you move to your new home. You can rely on our team to help you find the right vehicle for your needs every time. 

Call Us for Moving Truck Rental Near Hobart

Book your box truck today at Marcus Allard Truck Rental! We encourage you to reach out to our experts about our moving truck rental near Hobart. We’re happy to answer any questions that you have and help you prepare for your big move. A DIY move is an exciting decision, and we’re here for you. 

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