Moving Truck Rental St. John

Moving Truck Rental Gets You to Your New St. John Space

Moving into a new apartment or home does not have to be the chore it can be! Our fleet of vehicles at Marcus Allard Truck Rental can get you on the road to your new place all loaded up with your stuff quickly and efficiently. Our company was born out of two powerhouses that had been around for decades. On the Marcus side, our company has rented and leased vehicles since 1958 out of Highland. On our Allard side, we served the truck rental needs of the steel and petroleum industries. As a merged company, we now help all of our community members in the Northwest Indiana region and Chicagoland with their truck and van rental needs. 

Moving Truck Rental Keeps Your St. John Move on Track

At our place, you will find all sizes and types of vehicles to help you with your move, no matter what size it is. Our fleet includes box trucks, which will be best for an apartment or small home. You can select a 14-foot box truck or a 16-foot box truck, which does have a lift gate to help you load and unload all of your belongings. There is room for three people in the cab. We also have available a range of pickup trucks that can be helpful for small moves, events, or home improvement projects. Our F-150 or F-250 pickup trucks have long or short beds to accommodate a range of items that need to be transported. They also have a large towing capacity if you are pulling a trailer filled with items. Our customers can rent a truck for a large event, such as a graduation open house or a milestone birthday party. Having a truck rental will make it easier to move tables, chairs, decorations, gifts, food, and more.

Our large fleet also includes 4×4 pickup trucks, stake trucks, extended cab pickup trucks, crew cab pickup trucks, cargo vans, and passenger vans. Cargo vans are a convenient way to move items that need to be safe from any bad weather or are fragile and need to be covered. Our passenger vans can help you all travel together to a special event. You can rent a passenger van for 12 or 15 people.

Moving Truck Rental Basics in St. John

As part of our policies here at Marcus Allard, we do require you to be 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license to drive one of our vehicles. You may add additional drivers to help you drive. Please let us know if you think you may need your rental for a chunk of time, as we will work with you. Our fleet is full of newer model vehicles that will take care of you during your trip!

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