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Uprooting your life by moving from one home to another can be a big undertaking and one that can be as stressful as it is exciting and fulfilling. In order to prepare for and execute the moving process, many people choose to reserve a moving truck – a wise choice for those who are traveling long distances or who have multiples rooms’ worth of personal items that require transportation.

For those who are traveling shorter distances, though, or who are transporting only a few personal items (perhaps the contents of a single-room apartment, for example), a moving truck isn’t the only option; instead, a moving van can be the perfect choice. For those asking, Where can I find trusted moving vans near me?, our team at Marcus/Allard Truck Rental can help.

Why Choose a Moving Van?

A moving van can be the preferred choice when compared to a moving truck for multiple reasons. Benefits of a moving van include:

  • Moving vans are smaller vehicles, making them more manageable to drive when compared to large trucks, especially if city driving, when trying to park, etc.;
  • Moving vans offer better gas mileage when compared to large trucks; and
  • Moving vans are traditionally more affordable than are larger trucks, making them the perfect option for those who don’t have a need for large amounts of moving space.

If you only need to move a single room’s worth of items or are moving a distance that is close enough that making multiple trips makes sense, there’s no reason to rent a larger vehicle.

Our Moving Vans – Features and FAQs

Our cargo vans are designed to work hard and offer up to 1,515 pounds of payload, which means that you can really fill these vehicles to the brim without having to worry. Another feature of our moving vans is that they offer 149 cubic feet of storage, making them ideal for the transportation of large and awkwardly-shaped items, such as a couch or bicycles. Of course, our moving vans come standard with automatic transmission and air conditioning so that your trip is as comfortable as possible.

If you’re thinking about renting one of our moving vans, here are some important considerations to note:

  • We ask that all drivers be at least 21 years of age and present a valid driver’s license at the time of rental;
  • Adding another driver to your policy is possible – a small charge will be assessed for this;
  • While most people choose moving vans for local projects, you may drive one of our vans anywhere within the country or Canada (but please stay out of Mexico);
  • You can keep your rental for as long as you need – our minimum rental period is 24 hours; and
  • We accept cash payment, credit card payment, or debit card payment.

If you have questions about our rental policies or want to know more about the features of our Illinois and Indiana moving vans, just reach out to us directly to ask!

How Can I Reserve a Moving Van Near Me?

Reserving your moving van is easy! Just send us a message telling us more about when you need your van and for how long you need it, and we will return your inquiry promptly. You can also call us directly for immediate service. We recommend making your moving van reservation at least a couple of weeks before your moving date.

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