Pickup Truck Rental Near Chicago

When you have tasks to take care of, you need a vehicle that’s dependable. You don’t have time to deal with unreliable booking or problematic engines: you need a vehicle from a company that does things right. Marcus Allard Truck Rental provides pickup truck rental near Chicago. We have a pickup truck for every occasion. Talk to our experts today to choose one that’s right for you!

Pickup Truck Rental Near Chicago That’s Affordable and Stress-Free

Marcus Allard Truck Rental is the number one truck rental company for families and businesses across Northwest Indiana. We’ve provided dependable truck rental services since 1958 and continue to push forward our mission to this very day. We believe that truck rental is a vital part of our everyday lives, and is the best solution for a number of transportation needs. Whenever you have plans to move to a new home, or simply need some extra space to deliver your business’s catering order, we have the vehicle for you. 

Our experts have been in the business for decades and always look forward to imparting their wisdom onto our customers. We love working with our fellow small business owners to help them accomplish their goals. If you need affordable truck rental services, look no further!

Why Rent a Truck?

Renting a pickup truck helps you accomplish a number of transportation-related goals. For instance, pickup trucks have more room than your typical car. With their open, spacious backs, the possibilities are limitless. You can easily haul and unload a number of items, such as small lawnmowers, and other items you normally cannot transport in your family’s vehicle. 

Renting a vehicle can also help save you money in some circumstances. There are times when using your own vehicle would put undue wear and tear on it, such as if you have a long road trip or other task to take care of. Save yourself from adding hundreds of miles to your vehicle by renting one instead. 

Our Rental Vehicles

We provide a range of useful pickup trucks. Each truck has its own special features that you’ll appreciate. Here are the pickup trucks at our rental company that you can explore:

  • F-150/F-250 Pickup Truck: A versatile truck with a high payload and towing capacity that fits many purposes. 
  • Crew Cab & Extended Cab Pickup Trucks: Need extra room in the front? Choose a pickup truck with a larger cab for more passengers. 
  • Other Trucks: In addition to your standard pickup trucks, we offer stake trucks and moving trucks for when you need extra room. Some of these options have lift gates, which are excellent for loading heavier items. Talk to our team to learn more!

Choose Us for Pickup Truck Rental Near Chicago

Marcus Allard Truck Rental is proud of what we do. We appreciate each opportunity to help our local community by providing pickup truck rental near Chicago. We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience, so you can depend on us for outstanding service and a high-quality rental vehicle. Call us to book yours now!

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