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Pickup Truck Rentals Popular For Transportation Needs

The pickup truck is seeing a spike in popularity for today’s busy couples and families. An improved driving experience, comfort, safety, and versatility are all part of the appeal of renting a pickup truck.

Best Of Both Worlds

Space inside for both adults and children is teamed with the bed space for carrying all of your family’s stuff, from sports equipment and beach excursion items to home improvement project necessities and picnic gear. A truck can fill so many needs.

At Marcus Allard Truck Rental, we have a selection of trucks for your pickup truck rental needs.

  • Our F-150 pickup trucks have beds that are short or long in length.
  • Our F-250 option has 2 or 4-wheel drive and a 2,700 pounds payload.
  • If you are in need of a pickup truck rental, we have the 4×4 option with room for 3 people.
  • Extended-cab pickup trucks have short or long beds and additional seating for more individuals.
  • Crew cab pickup trucks are also available when renting a pickup truck.

Versatile Capabilities Available

For some individuals who rent a pickup truck, the standard reasons for usage may still be hauling, going off-road or towing a pop-up camper for a family excursion. These are all readily available through us here at Marcus Allard Truck Rental.  

Renting is a key option when a truck is something that will be utilized by a family who doesn’t want the investment of purchasing a truck but wants the ability to enjoy a pickup truck for its versatile uses.

Active families will find a pickup truck rental can be a catalyst for an exciting new trip. Has a lack of the right vehicle stopped you from an experience? Have you worried about how to cram bikes and beach supplies into and on your family vehicle? The freedom of a pickup truck rental can be just what you need to have the peace of mind to hit the road.

The availability of a bed to fill with gear and the comfort to get there can be just the inspiration you and your family need to dream up a unique experience whether it’s heading to the park for a bike ride or the beach for a picnic.

Pickup Truck Rentals For Family Adventures

If you are ready to tackle your family’s next adventure, but need the best way to get you and your gear there, contact us today. To learn more about our rental vehicles, visit us at 8820 Indianapolis Blvd. in Highland, call us at (219) 838-0200 or send us a message online. We may have already answered your questions on our FAQs page where you will also find our pickup truck rental policies.

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