Schererville Box Truck Rental 

A large truck is a necessity for any moving project. With so many valuable possessions you want to safely transport, you need a quality rental truck to match. That’s why when you are in need of Schererville box truck rental, choose Marcus Allard Truck Rental! We want to be your go-to truck rental company in Northwest Indiana, so we make sure our trucks are the best in the region. For more information about our services and to reserve a truck, give us a call today. 

Choosing a Rental Vehicle

Rental vehicles serve all kinds of purposes, from loading up furniture to transporting groups of people. At Marcus Allard Truck Rental, we have a fleet of vehicles that fit all kinds of needs. If you are unsure of what vehicle is right for you, read up on the different models we have available. 

  • Passenger Van: If you are bringing the entire family with you on your trip, or have a sports team to move, it’s unlikely everyone will fit in your car. Choose a passenger van at Marcus Allard Truck Rental for large group transportation. These vans come in two sizes that fit 12 and 15 people respectively with plenty of legroom left over. 
  • F-150 and F-250 Pickup Trucks: When you have heavy objects to tow, rent one of our pickup trucks! These sturdy trucks fit between 3 and 5 passengers and have high payloads. Haul your camper or trailer when you go on a trip, or use the cargo bed if you have something particularly tricky to move. 
  • Box Truck: Moving projects are one thing you absolutely need to be prepared for: you don’t want to have a last-minute panic when you realize your belongings don’t all fit. Rest assured by renting a truck from Marcus Allard Truck Rental. Our box trucks are spacious and especially meant to help you move your furniture and appliances, making them perfect for when you have a lot of things to move on your hands.   
  • Cargo Van: Have things to move, but is a box truck too large? Try one of our cargo vans. Smaller than their moving truck counterparts, cargo vans are excellent for when you need a bit of extra space. 

We have even more vehicles available, like stake trucks and pickup trucks with extended cabs. If you need help deciding, call us and we can help you determine the right vehicle for you. 

Benefits of Box Truck Rental

There are countless benefits to renting a box truck from our truck rental company! Marcus Allard has been in the rental industry since 1958, building a trustworthy presence in the community. When you book a rental with us, you can expect a tidy, well-maintained vehicle waiting for you. A box truck rental itself is extremely useful. With such a large space, you won’t be needing to make multiple trips to move all of your stuff. There is no better choice for moving projects. 

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Marcus Allard Truck Rental provides the best rental truck services that you are looking for. If you are moving, need a large passenger van, or could use a vehicle with towing capabilities, we are the company you should choose. Our rental services are carried out with the best customer service you deserveguaranteed! Call or use our contact form to get in touch

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