Schererville Van Rental Companies

Schererville Van Rental Companies

Renting a vehicle can really make a difference in your life -whether you are moving to a new home or apartment or if you have a huge milestone event that you are planning for your employer or family member. Our team at Marcus Allard Truck Rental has been helping our community members here in the region for decades. While at first we were two separate companies serving Northwest Indiana’s steel and petroleum industry on one side and as a rental company on the other. Our two sides merged in 1995 to become the company that we are today. We have been working out of our Highland location since 1958, and we are proud to not only serve as a rental company, but also as a valuable part of our region through service and donations. 

Schererville Van Rental Companies Help With Your Move, Event

If you have a sedan or small vehicle, you know that it can be a challenge to fit everything you need inside. That is where a van rental can really come in to help and make your life easier. If you have plans to move soon and you are going from a small home or apartment to something similar in size, then a van rental may do the trick. You can discuss with a member of our team as we have the experience in helping our customers fit into the best rental. You do not want to spend more than you have to, but you also want to have enough room to get everything inside and to your next destination. A large event at your home or business can also benefit from a van rental. For example, a family member’s milestone birthday party will have lots of stuff to go along with it. If you do not have a large vehicle or truck, you could end up taking many trips back and forth with loads of party supplies, food and gifts.

Our offerings not only include a cargo van for your stuff, but also passenger vans for your people. A long-distance trip is more fun when you are all together riding in one vehicle. You can gather up in one of our passenger vans for a fun road trip to your vacation destination.

Schererville Van Rental Companies and Beyond

Your move or event may need more than just a van rental! Our fleet also includes an array of pickup trucks, box trucks and stake trucks. Pickup trucks can be ideal for moving cumbersome and awkward items in the back of the bed. If there are concerns about weather, then a box truck provides the space in the back as well as protection from any adverse weather conditions. 

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