St. John Box Truck Rental

Whenever you’re planning on completing a DIY move, you need reliable transportation to take you there. Marcus Allard Truck Rental offers comprehensive truck rental services. We’re responsive and offer affordable rental plans, helping you move to your new home without a hassle. Talk to us about our St. John box truck rental services today!

The Best St. John Box Truck Rental 

Finding the right moving truck isn’t always easy. After all, you may not be sure how to estimate the amount of space you’ll need for everything that’s in your current home. Our box trucks are large enough to fit several rooms’ worth of stuff. We have two box trucks available, a 14-foot truck, and a 16-foot truck with a lift gate. Not sure which one is right for you? Discuss your options with our experts. 

  • Affordable rental
  • Convenient pickup
  • Easy to book
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Experienced, knowledgeable team

The Advantages of a DIY Move

Renting a box truck is an easy way to move while on a budget. You won’t need to pay for an entire moving team, so you can manage everything on your own. Our box trucks at Marcus Allard Truck Rental are perfect for the job. We take great care of our trucks and ensure they’re 100% ready to go when you arrive to pick yours up. After each client, we thoroughly examine our box trucks for any problems. We carefully inspect the inside and out and do a deep cleaning so you receive a spotless vehicle. 

After picking up your truck, everything is in your hands! When doing your own move, you get to choose where your stuff gets loaded onto the truck. It’s helpful to read up on various tips beforehand, especially if you’re new to moving. Regardless, your move will be a success when you choose to rent a vehicle from us. 

Box Trucks and More 

Marcus Allard Truck Rental offers a wide variety of vehicles for you to rent. Sometimes, you may need an extra vehicle in addition to a box truck. After all, if you’re moving delicate or valuable items, you want to keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t get lost or broken. We suggest renting a cargo van or a pickup truck to safely transport these items. We have many different models of trucks for you to choose from:

Each of our vehicles upholds your highest standards of quality. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate everything we have to offer. If you’re interested in renting one or more of our vehicles, be sure to contact our team to learn more!

Rent a Box Truck From Marcus Allard Truck Rental

Marcus Allard Truck Rental offers the best truck rental services. Our team has been serving the local region since 1958, and we continue to work on our mission even today. Call or message us now to learn more about our St. John box truck rental services. 

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