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If you need a rental vehicle, then chances are you’ve explored several companies in your search for the right truck rental company near Mokena. After all, the quality of the company you rent from is just as important as the vehicle. Marcus Allard Truck Rental provides outstanding truck rental services. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible. You will be pleased when you choose your rental vehicle from us!

Truck Rental Company Near Mokena That’s Dedicated to You

Our mission began way back in the 1950s. Our company emerged from the Marcus Auto Lease Corporation, which has been serving the region since 1958. Over the past several decades, our company has grown to encompass a wide variety of truck rental needs. We have all of your needs in mind: whether you need a sturdy pickup truck to haul your camper or a spacious van to fit a large group of people inside, we have the best vehicles in the area. 

Our rental process is super easy to follow. All you need to do is give us a call, come explore our vehicles if you haven’t decided, and book a day to pick up your rental! You are guaranteed to get your vehicle at the time of pickup, meaning our company is dependable. We guarantee your satisfaction as we work hard to provide only the best vehicles possible. 

Our Rental Vehicles

Keeping up with our clients’ demands means having a variety of rental vehicles in store. We have a vehicle for every occasion. 

  • Cargo Vans. Sometimes, you find yourself in need of some extra space. When you are transporting larger items, like pieces of small furniture, or just have something that’s too large for your trunk, our cargo vans are perfect for the job. These vans have large back and double doors so you can easily load items. 
  • Pickup Trucks. We have all sorts of pickup trucks available. Our pickup trucks serve many different purposes, from hauling large items to towing a camper. Each pickup truck has unique features, such as extra seating or a longer bed. Talk to our experts to see which pickup truck is right for you. 
  • Moving Trucks. Moving trucks are a must-have for any DIY move. Moving on your own has plenty of benefits, but you need the right rental vehicle to make it a success. We have two sizes of moving trucks available, in 14 foot and 16-foot lengths. Our 16-foot truck has a loading deck so you can haul furniture onto the truck without a problem. These trucks get you to where you’re headed fast. 

All of our rental vehicles undergo rigorous maintenance. Our experts take a close look at the inside and outside of each vehicle before and after every client. We check the vehicle for various operational issues, as well as any messes left behind. We also take great care to clean our vehicles so that they are nice and tidy for you when you come to pick yours up. 

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