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Truck Rental Experts Offer Stellar Service For Your Merrillville Business

At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, our knowledge and expertise were not built overnight! We have a long history in the industry, having our roots established back in 1958. Serving the community for so long has led us to today, where we have an excellent team, friendly staff and the service that you expect day in and day out!

When your Merrillville business team needs to haul equipment or items, you can count on us for your truck rental.

What we offer as part of our truck fleet:

F-150 and F-250 pickups: These trucks have the room and towing capacity to get the job done! The F-150 pickups are available in 2- or 4-wheel drive with short or long beds and have up to 10,000 pounds in towing capacity. In comparison, the F-250 pickups feature up to 12,000 pounds in towing capacity.

Extended and crew cab versions: These pickup trucks are the right choice if you have more team members that need to go with the gear. Both can seat up to five people and have air conditioning and automatic transmissions.

Box and stake trucks: These truck rentals are tailored for more one-of-a-kind load transports as they have unique features. Our box trucks are available in two sizes: 14 and 16 foot with a lift gate on the 16-foot version. All sizes of stake trucks have lift gates to make loading easier, and they have a payload up to 15,000 pounds. Stake trucks are special as they are flatbeds with a fence-type perimeter made of stakes. Due to the open concept, your Merrillville business crew can load tall items, odd-shaped equipment or unique pieces into the bed for an easy way to move these from one place to another.

Answering Your Truck Rental Questions

If you have never rented a truck before, it can be confusing to figure out what truck is the best for your project or event! Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you figure out what you need and ensure you are satisfied and happy with our service and offerings. We bring to the table our know-how and promise of the best customer service.

Not only do we have a variety of vehicles and trucks available, but we also have varied rental agreements so you can keep your truck rental for as long as you need it – whether it’s just for 24 hours or for a week, month or even longer. This flexibility is vital to what we offer as a leader in the truck rental industry.

Check out our Frequently Asked Question section and our policy details.

Let Us Serve You With A Truck Rental

We have mostly current year models so our truck rentals are reliable! You can stop by and see what we have on our lot at 8820 Indianapolis Blvd. in Highland or feel free to call us at (219) 838-0200 or contact us online.

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