Van Rental in Matteson

Located less than an hour away from Chicago, Matteson is a popular place for families, with two school districts and a number of big-box stores. Within the village of Matteson, one will also find dozens of churches, multiple large parks, and numerous apartment complexes.

These things are worth noting because they are often things that go hand-in-hand with van rental. Indeed, van rental in Matteson is often sought for church and community outings, field days in the park and children’s camp outings, and personal moves, amongst other things.

If you are in need of van rental in Matteson, the team at Marcus/Allard Truck Rental has you covered. We have been providing rental services since 1958, and still continue to prioritize the customer experience today. To learn more about our van rental services and what you can expect when you work with us, contact us today for a free quote.

The Benefits of Van Rental in Matteson

If you’re on the fence about van rental in Matteson, here are some of the clear benefits of doing so:

  • Flexible rental periods. One benefit to renting a moving van, rather than borrowing a van or buying one, is that when you rent from Marcus/Allard truck rental, we offer flexible rental periods. In fact, we offer daily, weekly, or even monthly rental periods, so you can keep the van for however long you need, without worrying about what you’ll do with it afterwards.
  • Economic savings. Another reason why you should rent a van yourself rather than hire a moving company or a passenger transport company is that renting a van is typically the least expensive way of transporting people or cargo.
  • You can travel more comfortably. If you already have a vehicle that can fit a few things or a few people, you may be wondering whether or not van rental is worth it. When you rent a large cargo van or a passenger van designed to carry 12 or 15 people, the truth is you will be able to travel much more comfortably, whether you’re taking a family road trip or moving to a new home. Why deal with feeling squished when you could rent a van at an affordable price and be comfortable?
  • Van rental is stress-free. When you rent a van in Matteson from Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, we make the entire process as stress-free as possible. We offer great van policies that allow you to drive your van anywhere you need to go within the continental United States and Canada, allow you to add another driver to your policy, and offer flexible rental periods. We also make payments easy, as well as accept credit card, debit card, and cash payment.


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Are you ready to reserve your passenger or cargo van? If so, contact Marcus/Allard Truck Rental for van rental services in Matteson you’ll be happy with. The easiest way to get more information is to send us a brief message explaining your van rental needs and letting us know how to get in touch with you. Or, you can call us directly at 773-978-7504.

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