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While your car may serve you well, there may be times in your life when your small passenger vehicle just doesn’t cut it. Whether you need to move, need to transport a large item, or need to drive more passengers than your car can safely hold, van rental may be the smartest choice. At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, we have a number of great vans to choose from. Contact our company today to learn more about our van rental options and reserve your van today!

Types of Van Rentals to Choose From

We offer two types of van rental to choose from depending on your needs:

  • Passenger vans. Our passenger vans come in sizes big enough to safely fit 12 or 15 passengers at a time. These vans are equipped with airbags, air conditioning, and automatic transmission to help your trip go as smoothly as possible. We also have extended height passenger vans available.
  • Cargo vans. If you need to move items rather than people, our cargo vans may be the right choice for you. These vans have up to 149 cubic feet of storage, a payload of up to 1,515 lbs., air conditioning, and automatic transmission.


Why Van Rental Is the Smart Choice

When you need to move people or personal items, van rental is the smartest way to do it. Easier to drive than a moving truck, van rental is affordable and gets the job done. If you are renting a van for the purpose of transporting people, van rental is often more convenient than are other modes of transportation, such as a bus or hiring multiple taxis.

Benefits of Working with Marcus/Allard Truck Rental

When you are in need of a van rental, there are a number of companies to choose from. At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, we offer the best van rental services in the industry. We have the ideal late-model vans to fit your needs. Some of the benefits of working with our company include:

  • Rear heat and rear air conditioning in all of our vans for maximal comfort;
  • Towability – most of our vehicles are equipped with a towing hitch;
  • Additional drivers are allowed, and we permit adding an extra driver to your policy for a minimal fee;
  • We accept multiple forms of payment, including all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash;
  • You can rent a van for as long as you need – our shortest rental period is 24 hours (we charge by the day for convenience), but can be up to multiple months; and
  • We allow you drive anywhere in the U.S. or Canada! We do not allow you to take vehicles into Mexico.

Our Van Rental Services Near You

Our van rental company is conveniently located two miles south of I-80/94 on Indianapolis Blvd. in Highland, Indiana, and is easy to locate. We also offer convenient hours of service, and can respond to your questions online or by phone. Our company is a successor to Marcus Auto Lease up, which was founded in 1958. That means that we have over 59 years’ worth of combined experience serving those in Highland and surrounding areas of Indiana. We value customer service, and want to do everything possible to ensure that you have the best experience imaginable with our company.

To learn more about our van rental services near you and how we can make your life a little easier, call us today at 219-838-0200. You can also use our contact form on our website to write us a message and tell us a little bit more about your van rental needs. We look forward to working with you!

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