Van Rental in Richton Park

As a suburb of Chicago, Richton Park is a popular place to live for those who want to be close to the city, while enjoying the benefits of quieter living than the suburbs have to offer. At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, we know this city well; we have been providing van rental services in Richton Park for decades, and know exactly what our customers are looking for in terms of product, price, and customer service. If you need to rent a van in Richton Park, our team can help you get set up and on your way.

The Benefits of Van Rental in Richton Park

Van rental can come in handy for a number of different reasons. For example, you may consider renting a van when:

  • You are moving and need to transport boxes, furniture, and the like;
  • You need to transport something heavy, such as a weight set or exercise bike;
  • You want to take a trip that requires equipment or towing; or
  • You are planning a family reunion or other outing and need multiple passenger seats.

You can use a rental van for almost anything! In fact, any time that you need to transport a heavy load, awkwardly-shaped/sized items, or need to transport a lot of passengers, van rental can come in handy.

Further, while a large truck can often get the job done too, consider that van rental is typically less expensive, and vans are often easier to handle than are large trucks.

Our Passenger and Cargo Vans

We offer a number of different passenger and cargo vans so you are sure to get exactly what you’re looking for in terms of van rental in Richton Park. Indeed, our vans have the following features:

Passenger vans.

Need to transport a large group of people? No problem – we have you covered. Our passengers vans:

  • Have seating for 12 or 15 passengers;
  • Have extended height available;
  • Include air conditioning;
  • Are equipped with up to five airbags; and
  • Come with automatic transmission, making them easy to operate.

Cargo vans.

Our cargo vans are equally as great. These vans have:

  • Up to 149 cubic feet of storage;
  • Automatic transmission;
  • Up to 1,515 pounds of payload; and
  • Airconditioning.

Most of our vans are also current year model, and all of our vans are kept in great condition. All vans also come with AM/FM radio to provide a little entertainment during the drive.

Our Van Rental Policies in Richton Park

One of the benefits of working with Marcus/Allard Truck Rental is that we offer great rental policies. Not only are our prices very competitive, but we offer van rental services by the 24-hour period, and allow van rentals for days, weeks, or even months at a time when need be. What’s more, we allow for you take our vans anywhere within the continental United States or Canada, and permit the addition of another driver on your policy for a minimal fee.

Learn More About Richton Park Van Rental

If you live in Richton Park and are planning a move, a community event, or anything else that requires a large passenger or cargo van, we can help. Our van rental professionals at Marcus/Allard Truck Rental will help you find the right van for you, and guide you through our policies. To learn more, please contact us today at 773-978-7504. You can also contact us online today.

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