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There are times when your passenger car just won’t cut it. Maybe you need to pick up a new piece of sports or exercise equipment, but aren’t sure how it will possibly fit in your car. Or maybe you want to plan a family reunion, but know that you have to pick up grandma, your uncle, and your three nephews, and are skeptical about how you’ll make it work. Or, maybe you want to plan a church or volunteer outing, but haven’t figured out the transportation details.

Whatever it is, Marcus/Allard Truck Rental can help. We have a number of passenger and cargo vans to choose from, offer flexible hours and payment options, and care about customer service and your experience!

Reasons Why You Should Rent a Van

Renting a van can make life easier. When you need to transport more people than your car can hold, or you need to move items that won’t fit in your personal vehicle, van rental can be a lifesaver. Here are some reasons to rent a van–

  • Renting a van makes transporting the whole family a breeze;
  • Renting a van may be less expensive than renting a bus or scheduling multiple taxis;
  • You can rent a van for as long as you need – we offer van rentals from 24 hours to up to multiple months at a time;
  • Passenger vans can be rented in sizes to fit eight, 12, or 15 passengers;
  • A cargo van is easier to drive and park than is a large truck; and
  • Our vans are comfortable, and complete with A/C, rear heating, AM/FM radio and CD players, and more.

Our Van Rental Policies

Before you rent a van, make sure you review all of our van rental policies. To start, know that you must be at least 21 years of age to rent a van, and all drivers need to be 21 or older, too. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.

Unlike many other companies, we don’t charge a fortune for you to add another driver to your policy. We know that in many cases, having an extra driver isn’t just convenient, but safer, too. We charge a minimal fee for any additional drivers.

Another great fact about our van rental company is that we allow you take our vans anywhere your heart desires, so long as it’s not Mexico (vans are allowed in Canada, however).

Have more questions about our policies? Read our FAQs today, or contact us directly.  

Working with Marcus/Allard Truck Rental for Van Rental Services Near You

When renting a van, it is important to choose a company that has a good reputation in the community. At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, we have more than 59 years’ worth of combined experience in Highland and surrounding areas of Indiana, and are built on a foundation of great customer service. When you work with a company that isn’t well-established and doesn’t care about you as a client, you risk working with a company that charges you more than they should, fails to maintain their trucks and vans in a safe condition, or has fine print in their rental policies that isn’t in your best interests. When you choose our company, we promise to work for you!

To learn more about our van rental services near you, or to reserve your van today, please contact us directly at 219-838-0200. You can also write us a message using the online form found on our website.

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