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Whiting Pickup Truck Rental Part of Your Project

At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, our team can trace its roots back to 1958 before we merged into what we are today. Back then we were still focused on renting and leasing vehicles from our Highland location. In 1995, we brought on Allard Truck Rental to create the company that we have today, serving the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana communities with all of their truck and van rental needs. As we have been established in our region for so long, we strive to not only bring the best to our industry, but also work within our communities as stewards to give back through donations and service.

Whiting Pickup Truck Rental for Your Business

As a business owner, you may need to utilize a pickup truck but do not have access to borrow one or own one yourself. That is where our services come in. Our fleet of vehicles can fit whatever planned project or event that you have coming up with a variety of features and offerings. We have available on-site both pickup trucks and box trucks to rent. Our range of pickup trucks include the F-150 and F-250, 4×4 pickup truck, extended cab version or a crew cab pickup truck. We can discuss with you what you are planning to help determine what truck rental may work best. A crew cab can accommodate up to five people, has a 2,500-pound payload and short or long beds. Many of our trucks have towing capacity if you are needing to haul a trailer full of equipment across town.

Box trucks are a good fit for many items that you need to transport but want to keep concealed inside safely. You can rent from our team either a 15-foot box truck or a 16-foot box truck. There is room for three people to ride in the front cab. The larger box truck also has a lift gate to help you better load and unload items. You can also rent from our crew a skate truck in a variety of sizes and all of them have lift gates to assist with your project. 

Whiting Pickup Truck Rental and More

If you and your friends, family, co-workers or church group are planning an adventure, you will need a passenger van to help keep you all together and make your trip easier. At Marcus/Allard, you can rent either a 12-passenger van or a 15-passenger van. On the other hand, if you are working on a home improvement project, a cargo van can be a great tool to get all of your project pieces back home. There is lots of storage in the back.

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