Complete Your Spring Projects With Our Rental Vehicles

March 10, 2020, 2:12

Spring is on the way, and you’ve likely begun planning your big spring projects. No matter what they entail, we’re sure our rental trucks will come in handy! Marcus Allard Truck Rental offers a variety of rental vehicles that can be used in so many ways. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as you plan your spring adventures, and if any ring true to you, call us to book a rental. 

Gardening and Landscaping Projects

When that first wave of pleasant weather hits, you know it’s the perfect chance to spruce things up after a long, ugly winter. Maybe you’re thinking of a large-scale planting project at your home, or perhaps you’d like to update the landscaping around your business. Our stake trucks are perfect for fitting bulky yard tools. Mulch, rakes, wheelbarrows, and anything else is no problem when you have a dependable, spacious truck to transport them. We’re happy to rent our vehicles for the amount of time you need, whether that’s one day or a week! No matter how long your landscaping project takes, you can use our trucks for the entire duration. 

Spring Break Road Trip

What’s better than a spring road trip? Getting out in the fresh air after being cooped up all winter is just what you need. We have several great options for those looking for a vehicle to rent and use on their road trip. Sure, you could use your own vehicle, but renting a vehicle means you get to avoid adding miles onto yours. Plus, a little extra space goes a long way. If you are bringing along your bicycles or some extra suitcases, our cargo vans offer additional storage, so you don’t have to compromise your legroom—or your plans. We take great care of our vehicles, so you can trust that you won’t face any major problems while out on the open road. 

Returning Home For The Summer

Spring marks the end of the semester for many schools and colleges. Living away from home means you have a ton of things that need to be cleared out, including furniture, vacuums, kitchen items, clothes, and much more. Parents can rent one of our vehicles, which makes taking home your student’s belongings a piece of cake. Whether you’re moving your mattress out of your apartment, or just have a lot of luggage you must take out of your dorm, a rental pickup truck or cargo van gives you the space you need to lug all these items home. 

Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Open your windows and let the dust out! Spring is a popular time to do some major home cleaning. Renting a pickup truck makes removing old, unwanted clutter from your home easy. Just load up the bed and drive over to your local junkyard or recycling center. Or, you can take the things that are in good shape and donate them. Either way, our rental vehicles can help you accomplish your goal. 

Call Marcus Allard Truck Rental Today!

As you can see, a rental truck will prove useful this spring. When you find yourself in need of a rental vehicle, turn to Marcus Allard Truck Rental. We’ve provided quality rentals since 1958 and continue to satisfy costumers today. Call or message us online to book your rental!