How Do I Pack a Moving Truck Correctly?

February 14, 2022, 14:15

As your moving day nears, you are all packed up, have switched over your cable and internet providers and said your good-byes – you are ready to go! But how do you make sure your items get there safe and sound when you are in charge of your own move? There are tricks and techniques to packing a moving truck to help you get there as smoothly as possible.

Heading into moving day

  • As you are putting things in boxes, try to group together your belongings based on size to allow for easier transfer from your old home to the moving truck. 
  • Make sure you have your fragile pictures and mirrors packed up in specialty sturdy boxes that can stand up to the move and protect your items. 
  • Do your best to take apart larger furniture items, such as headboards and legs from your dressers and bookcases.
  • If some of your belongings will not fit in boxes, you should wrap this up tightly in a protective material and packing tape.
  • If you have saved any old appliance boxes, repurpose those on your move by putting your stuff in them for the move.

On moving day

  • Have help with friends, family and neighbors on hand to help load up your truck. You especially need more people to carry out the heavier items, so that you do not strain your back.
  • In general, your moving truck is best loaded with the heaviest items going in first toward the passenger seats, middle size boxes in the middle and small boxes and lightweight items getting packed up last closest to the door. 
  • Since heavier items are at the beginning, start with your couch, chairs, dressers, appliances and heavy boxes items that hold your TV. These should remain upright as possible. Secure your heavy belongings with rope or straps.
  • Boxes are next with heavier ones on the bottom and rolled rugs and vertical boxes can go in between.
  • The last section will have your dishes and breakables. This is also the best spot for your overnight bag or suitcase that is filled with what you will need during your first night in your new place. This bag should be full of a change in clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste and shower supplies.
  • Important papers, credit cards, cash and valuables should be secure up front with you in the cab of the moving truck, so that you do not lose track of them during the move.

Our Team Can Get Your Ride Ready

At Marcus Allard Truck Rental, we have a large fleet of available vans and trucks to fit your project or trip. We have box trucks and F-250 pickup trucks to help make your move easier. When you are putting your moving plans into place, contact us for assistance. We can talk you through the right rental. Reach out to us through our online contact form.