How to Determine the Ideal Truck to Rent for Your Move

May 11, 2021, 6:05

Moving takes a lot of time and energy but planning ahead will keep things running smoothly. Rental trucks make the process so much easier. Having extra space is sure to come in handy. But how much is enough? Determining the right vehicle for your move can be tricky. Here are a few tips provided by our rental experts at Marcus Allard Truck Rental to help you decide on a vehicle. 

Determine How Much You Are Taking

Before choosing a vehicle, you will need to know how much space is necessary. If you have several rooms worth of furniture to bring, you will most likely need a box truck to comfortably fit everything inside. Our box trucks are the perfect choice for those who want extra room to work with. They are essential if you have couches, dressers and other oversized furniture pieces, sine you will need a good amount of room to load them in. 

If you are selling most of your furniture, a box truck may not be necessary. We have cargo vans that offer plenty of space but are not too big, so you can securely put items in. Your best option is to speak with our team. We’ll help you choose the ideal vehicle. These also make good options if you have a special piece of furniture you absolutely want to keep separate from everything else, for extra safety. 

Consider Passengers

When moving to a new home, you will need to take all your vehicles with you, too. In some cases, it may be better to tow your vehicle rather than drive it yourself. For instance, a pickup truck can be used to securely haul something in the large bed, while towing your vehicle behind it. You may also want a pickup truck for extra passengers if you need more space. There are many ways to work around the number of people going with you on the move, so let us know what you’re expecting. 

Consider Budget

Our truck rental services are affordable no matter what option you go with. However, some options may be more practical for your budget. For instance, you can opt for a smaller box truck, or rent only one vehicle versus two. Think about how much money you need to invest in your move and go from there. 

Know Your Route

One of the challenges of renting a moving truck is driving it through crowded roadways and down narrow paths. Think ahead. Look at a detailed map of your route and see which vehicles would be safest to drive down those areas. 

Understand Your Limits

You may not feel comfortable with driving a moving truck, in which there are ways around it. There are so many possibilities when you choose our rental trucks, so simply talk to our experts to determine the best option. 

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