Moving Help From Friends and Family

August 14, 2018, 6:00

Whether this is your first big move or one of many, you are not alone, as millions of Americans move every year. In fact, 11.2% of Americans moved in 2016, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. We have all dreaded the infamous call to action from a friend or family member who is moving and needs help packing the truck. But now that you are the one moving, it is your turn to reap the benefits of having diligent friends and family nearby who are willing to use up their Saturday helping you pack. However, before you get started we have some tips to help speed along the process, keep everyone in a good mood, and avoid mishaps and injuries.

Pre Box Your Belongings First

To save your helpers time, and to ensure that you know which belongings are packed in which box, go ahead and pack everything in boxes before the date of the big move. Additionally, label what is on each box with a thick black marker so you know what is in each box, and be sure to mark which boxes are fragile.

Set Aside Time for Breaks

Even the fittest professional movers need to take breaks frequently throughout a day of loading boxes and furniture onto a truck. Encourage your helpers to take breaks frequently and to not over strain themselves by going at it non stop. This will keep everyone’s energy steady throughout the day so that nothing gets damaged and no one gets injured. Mistakes are made when people get tired, and you can make sure that everyone is not over exerted by taking breaks yourself.

Provide Food and Drink

Make sure everyone has plenty of water to stay hydrated, and depending on how long the packing takes, be sure to provide snacks and potentially a lunch as well. To encourage people to show up, make sure they know that lunch (and potentially dinner as a post packing reward/celebration) will be provided.

Ensure Everyone Knows How to Lift Properly

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the best ways to reduce back injury while lifting objects include:

  • Never bend and twist at the same time;
  • Get lower to the ground by squatting at the knees, not by bending straight over at the waist;
  • Use a wheeled hand cart for heavy loads;
  • Do not carry overly awkward or heavy loads;
  • Keep the load close to your body; and
  • Do not make the same repetitive motion again and again without switching it up (such as twisting to receive and then handing off boxes during a fireman’s line).

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