Things You Should Never Pack in a Moving Truck

May 02, 2017, 8:00

If you are preparing to move, a moving truck can prove to be a valuable asset. Great for transporting heavy and large items that can’t easily be moved via car, a truck rental can turn a day of driving back and forth to transport loads into a simple one-trip journey. But before you close the door and hit the road, consider the things that you should never pack when moving—

Living Things

Whether pets or plants, a moving truck is no place for living things. The conditions in the truck are not suitable for things that dependent on oxygen and temperature stability, and a shift of items could lead to a devastating accident for Fido. With lack of sunshine and potentially dozens of miles’ worth of road ahead, anything that’s alive should go in the cabin, rather than the cab, for safety.

You should also donate any perishable food items if your move will take longer than an hour or two, as food can easily spoil when unrefrigerated.

Important Documents and Valuables

Anything that is very important or highly valuable should be kept with you, rather than in the back of a moving truck. While it is unlikely, truck and van rental break-ins do happen when the vehicle is parked outside, which could mean that your most important items are lost for good.

No matter what you have stored in a truck while preparing for a move, you should make sure that the truck is kept locked at all times.

Hazardous Materials

You might be thinking: “But I don’t own any hazardous materials!” Chances are, however, that you do – even basic household products can be dangerous, especially when shaken or exposed to high temperatures. Some things that should never be packed in the truck include:

  • Pesticides or herbicides;
  • Household cleaners containing ammonia or bleach;
  • Gas;
  • Oil;
  • Fertilizer; and
  • Aerosols.

Keep in mind that transporting these materials isn’t just dangerous – it could be illegal, too! Federal law regulates the transport of hazardous materials, and depending upon what you’re moving, you could be committing a crime.

We Help Make Your Move Easy

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