Packing Efficiently

August 28, 2018, 6:00

The average U.S. household contains 300,000 items, according to Becoming Minimalist. That is a lot of stuff to move into one box truck. Packing efficiently so as to fit as many objects in the truck as possible, while also ensuring that your belongings do not get crushed or scratched requires that you put some thought into how this Tetris puzzle must be solved. Below are some tips that professional movers almost always adhere to.

Couches, Dressers, and Other Large Furniture Goes at the Back

You will start the packing job at the back of the truck. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at some of the packing jobs we have seen in the past. The first items you should load into the truck include all of your large, heavy furniture, washer/dryer, bed frames, refrigerator, dressers, tables, and other heavy objects that do not fit in a box. The reason that these should be at the back (or the front, closest to the cab, depending on how you are looking at it) is that if you should need to step on the brakes, these items are already placed up against the cab and will not slide forward damaging your other valuables. Having all of your heaviest belongings stacked near the front, and low to the ground, also ensures that the truck’s center of gravity is in the right place. As you pack and move your way closer to the door, use the entire head space of the box truck and fill that with lighter boxes and smaller objects.

Fit Pieces in Like a Puzzle and Dedicating One Person as Master Packer

Every box and object has a place. One method that works well is to dedicate one person the master packer, and allow him or her to stay in the truck and fit boxes in as they are brought. As other movers bring boxes to the entrance of the truck or leave them stacked just outside on the ground, the master packer will have space to maneuver larger objects, and can ask for certain sized boxes or mattresses to be brought to the truck, where the packer can fit them in like a puzzle.

Remember to Write Down What is in Each Box

Do not forget to mark what is in your boxes. After all, the average American spends two and a half full days a year (60 hours) looking for lost items, according to PRnewswire. You do not need to add to that while you unpack because you forgot to write down the contents of each box.

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