Rent a Truck Instead of Using Your Own

January 14, 2020, 1:52

If you own a truck, you might be tempted to use it for whatever task you’re looking to complete. If you have a sturdy pickup truck, maybe you think you can use it to haul your furniture and other belongings to your new home. However, the team at Marcus Allard Truck Rental highly recommends renting a truck rather than using your own vehicle! Here’s why you should rent one of our vehicles rather than subjecting your own to whatever it is you have planned.

Towing Capacity

As frustrating as it might be to hear, your Prius just won’t be able to tow your camper up a mountain. Even if you do have a bulkier, stronger vehicle, you would need to get it tested and examined before attempting to tow something heavy. And that’s if you already have a towing hinge attached to your vehicle, which can cost hundreds of dollars to install. You’re better off renting a truck for the time being, especially if it’s a one-time task. 

Stress and Strain 

Our trucks are designed to support tens of thousands of pounds. We also have vehicles with four-wheel drive to get you through rough conditions. We carefully maintain our vehicles to ensure the highest quality for the next driver. However, the same probably can’t be said for your vehicle. If something bad happens to your vehicle’s engine or tires, you’ll be paying a ton to get it fixed and that damage can affect your vehicle’s condition for years. 

Not Enough Space

Moving is a tough task. You might think you’re saving money by forgoing a rental truck, but that’s not necessarily true. Your items can easily get damaged if they aren’t carefully loaded. And unless you’re willing to make multiple trips—a process that wastes hours of your time—you’re better off renting a box truck to make your move. This is true even for smaller moving tasks, such as transporting in bulk. Filling your car may seem like a good idea, but you’re better off renting a cargo van or something similar so your items can lay flat and secure, rather than rolling around your back seat.   

More Affordable

In general, renting a vehicle is so much cheaper! This is especially true for road trips. In addition to the strain of towing, driving your car across states quickly stacks up mileage and wears down your engine. Your car might also not be as fuel-efficient, resulting in hefty gas fees. By renting a truck, you avoid this excess damage and avoid needing to get an expensive tune-up when you return. Besides, having some extra room never hurts. 

Rent a Vehicle from Marcus Allard Truck Rental

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons you should consider renting a vehicle instead of using your own. With a dependable truck rental company like Marcus Allard Truck Rental, there’s no reason to put your own vehicle in a tough situation. Use one of our regularly maintained rental trucks for any towing, hauling or moving task. Get in touch with us today to see why our Highland vehicle rental company is highly regarded!