Renting is Often Better Than Buying a Pickup Truck

February 12, 2019, 7:30

If you only need a pickup truck once or twice a year, does it make good money sense to purchase a heavy-duty pickup truck for only occasional use? Probably not experts say. A pickup truck is an expensive investment and best left to those who use them every day for work. Then why do so many people buy a pickup truck?

Why Do People Choose a Pickup Truck over a Sedan Car?

Believe it or not, the pickup truck has been the number one seller for the major US automakers for a few decades now. For those who rely on the pickup for work, such as construction workers, laborers, haulers and farmers, a new pickup can set them back about $65,000. In 2017, over 2.8 million new pickup trucks were purchased in the United States. That means about 6,500 new pickup trucks are sold every day!

Some people opt to buy a new pickup truck because they always wanted a truck and ignored the high price tag. Others buy a pickup because they have a boat or racecar to haul. However, these buyers could purchase a van, save money and still be able to tow a boat or car somehow though the new truck seems to have more appeal.

When you own a pickup truck, remember that you will be the first person called upon when someone needs to borrow a vehicle for moving, hauling, plowing or towing. It sure is nice to help out, but sometimes you need to use the truck, too. If you get the borrowers to pay for the gas, it might be worth it though. Most pickup trucks have a 23-gallon tank, so 23 x $2.80 at the pump is shy of $65.00.

Rent A Pickup Truck

If you only need a pickup truck to take your boat from storage to your cottage and then back to storage, you would be better off renting a pickup truck with a hitch. Nowadays there are many options for people who need to rent trucks once a while. Your best bet is working with a truck rental company that has been in business for some time and took care of their vehicles. These types of companies typically have a large fleet of newer model trucks and vans which have hitches to tow whatever you need.

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