Steps to Have the Best Possible Moving Day

November 19, 2019, 2:45

At long last, the day has come: it’s time to move! But before you get packing, it’s important to think ahead. Here are some ways you can ease the stress of your moving day. Renting a truck from Marcus Allard Truck Rental is also a great way to reduce the moving day nerves: you’ll be satisfied knowing that you’re choosing a dependable truck rental company that’ll help you if something goes wrong. We’ve rented box trucks to many individuals and families in the Northwest Indiana area. Give us a call to reserve one of our rental vehicles today! 

Label Your Boxes

There’s nothing worse than an unorganized move. Skip having to dig through your boxes in favor of labeling everything. Clearly marking what goes where is one of the best ways to simplify the moving process. Even just color-coding the boxes by room or object will make furnishing your new home easier later on. What’s more, you can sort boxes in the moving truck by the order you want to take them out and have a plan when it comes to unloading.

Estimate How Much Stuff You’re Moving

Before selecting a rental truck, you need to have an idea of how much space you’ll need. Take a look at everything you plan on taking with you and round up. It’s better to have extra leftover space than to regret not renting a larger truck. As you’re estimating, if you discover that you have way too much stuff, consider donating what you don’t need. It’s a great way to lighten your loadand help others.

Create a Schedule

Continuing the theme of organization and preparation, it might help to mark important dates on a schedule. It can also help push the moving process along by maintaining deadlines. These act as motivation for you to complete your tasks on time instead of trying to complete everything at once. Tackling the project bits at a time will make the entire thing much easier and less overwhelming. It’ll also help jog your memory when it comes to finishing the move within the time you’re renting your vehicle for. 

Avoid Putting Too Much in Each Box

Renting a moving truck instead of hiring movers is a great decision. You have full control over the moving process, and the amount of money you save is nothing to sneeze at. That being said, it’s unlikely that you’re experienced with moving around heavy objects and probably don’t have all of the tools. Keep your boxes light and at a reasonable weight so you don’t strain your muscles attempting to move them on and off the truck.  

Create a Plan for Unloading Heavier Objects

Your belongings are not equal: they all have different weights and some can be cumbersome to get out of the truck. Plan ahead so you can get everything off the truck without hurting yourself. Before loading everything onto the truck, think about how you will have to get these items off. Try to strategically place heavier objects away from lighter, more delicate objects while distributing the weight equally throughout the cargo area. Also, remember that our 16-foot box truck has an automated lift and bevel so you can move furniture pieces without a sweat. Trucks have features like these for a reason: use them!

Rent a Moving Truck Today

No matter how prepared you make, the single best way to make your moving day seamless is to rent a truck from Marcus Allard Truck Rental! Be reassured that you are guaranteed a quality box truck that’s regularly maintained and cleaned. If you’re ready to reserve a rental or have questions about our services, give us a call today.