The Benefits of Passenger Van Rental for Team Building

February 19, 2023, 15:39

As we all get back into the groove of working together again – whether that is on-site, from home or a combination of these – we are looking to connect to each other as a team. Employees benefit from staying connected to each other to help with brainstorming, accountability, synergy and creativity. Managers and leaders will also benefit from working closely with each other and having conversations and social time with their crews. So, it is time to plan a team-building activity to get your group out of the office or their homes and find ways to unite as a team. 

Activities Bring Your Crew Together

In the region, there are a variety of ways to spend time together. You can share a meal together at a local restaurant, go for a hike and get outside at the Dunes, bowl a few games at an area alley or create something unique at a sign-making shop. By having shared experiences that do not center around work and a work environment, your group will be strengthening its bond as people and co-workers. This type of social environment can really ignite innovative ideas during any conversations about work-related topics and issues.

Beyond just hanging out together during an activity or outing, you should also plan to ride together to allow for even more time. A passenger van rental will allow your team to have some quiet and essential time together as you head to your venue for your event. Here are some reasons why group transportation is a great way to extend your team-building time:

  • Safety in numbers: By riding together, it is a safer and more convenient way to get your group to wherever you are heading for your outing. Our passenger van rentals at Marcus Allard Truck Rental can accommodate either 12 or 15 passengers, so your whole team can fit comfortably during the ride. There is room for up to 5 bags if you need to bring along any supplies or items as part of your day or evening.
  • See some savings: Since your team members are not driving separately, there will be savings on gas as well as time. You can keep your itinerary on track with your team members gathering in one place and all getting into one van to drive to your destination. You will not need to explain directions or details more than once as you will all be together in the van.
  • Stress less: By keeping everyone in a group, it will also be less stressful. Your managers or leaders will not have to worry about coordinating vehicles or trying to stay together on the road, especially if your destination takes a while to get to. You will all arrive at the same time and will be able to get going and start your team-building process as expected.

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