Tips for Driving a Box Truck

March 02, 2021, 6:54

Are you preparing for a move? You likely have plans regarding packing and transportation. If you’re making a DIY move, a box truck is essential to safely transport your belongings. Before you head out, be sure you are prepared to drive a box truck. Whether you’ve driven one before or if it’s your first time, it’s good to review these tips to ensure your trip is safe and successful. Here’s what our pros at Marcus Allard Truck Rental suggest when driving a box truck. 

Keep Passing to a Minimum

Box trucks are heavy and big. If you’ve never driven one before, you’ll need to get used to the feel. If you’re going on a highway, your best bet is to stay in the left lane and let others pass you. Passing involves speeding up, which can cause you to lose control if you aren’t careful. This is especially true if you’re driving on any narrow, winding or uphill roads. Play it safe and stay in the slower lane for the better portion of your trip. 

Pay Attention to Where You Park

If you have to take a break on the way to your destination, be sure to park wisely. Backing a box truck out of a parking space can be challenging. Not only do you have to compensate for nearby vehicles, but you may have reduced visibility to what’s behind your truck. Park farther away so you have plenty of space to maneuver if needed. 

Slow and Steady is Best

We get it: moving to a new home is exciting. You’re likely itching to get there as soon as possible to start your new life. However, safety is a priority over speed. Drive slowly through the entire trip and obey all road rules. Cautious driving lets you keep track of surrounding vehicles on the road and gives you ample time to slow down if necessary. Plus, you have to keep in mind the heavy load inside the truck. You have lots of furniture and boxes packed into the truck, and you don’t want them to roll around. Slow turns and gradual stops will ensure you and your belongings stay safe and sound. 

Plan to Move During the Warmer Months

Here in Northwest Indiana, we see a lot of unpleasant weather during the late fall and winter. Whenever possible, plan on moving during the spring and summer. Slushy, icy roads can be disastrous when driving a moving truck, particularly when stopping or turning. You may already feel nervous about driving a box truck to begin with, and your anxiety will only heighten in poor conditions. Slick pathways also pose a risk when unloading the truck, so aim to move when it’s nicer out. 

Talk to Our Truck Rental Experts

Once you’ve brushed up on the basics of driving a moving truck, the next step is to book yours. Marcus Allard Truck Rental has two types of box trucks available designed to make moving a breeze. Talk to our experts today to choose the right one for your needs.