Tips for Packing a Moving Truck Like a Pro

April 23, 2023, 10:18

Ideally, you want to make only one trip from your old place to your new place with everything packed up safely and efficiently in the back of your rental. Our fleet at Marcus Allard Truck Rental is full of well-maintained vehicles that will work for smaller home and apartment moves. Our team members can help connect you with the best rental fit for your needs. Once you have that in place, below are some tips for packing up like a pro mover.

Have everything you need: Before you get going, have all of your moving supplies ready to go on-hand. This should include everything from sturdy moving boxes and tape to furniture pads and moving blankets. Pack up your belongings with as much protection as possible.

Find a friend: Moving is easier and smoother when you have help packing up your items into a rental. You should really get another set of hands to pick up the heaviest of your boxes.

Take it apart: Disassemble larger pieces of furniture when you can to allow for easier packing up in the back of a truck. For instance, removing legs from a table can create an item that will slide into your rental easily. 

First in – the heaviest: When you are starting to load up your truck rental, make sure that you are putting your largest and heaviest boxes or items first. You do not want any of these on top to crush boxes or shift and cause damage.

Area rug rollup: Rugs should be rolled up tightly with the top side facing out to help properly preserve the backing. Clean any rugs first before packing up, so they are nice and fresh when you get to your new place.

Lightest items are last: Your smaller pieces and lightest moving boxes are what you should pack up in the back of your rental last. Your valuables and important documents should be separately packed up, labeled and kept with you in the cab. You will also want to be able to easily access your overnight bag and essentials, so that you are not scrambling to find them when you get to your new home or apartment. 

Even distribution: Your belongings should be evenly distributed in the back to prevent anything from falling over when you are unpacking. It will be much easier to unload if you have items packed properly. 

Moving strap secured: When you have moving straps holding items in place, there is even less of a worry that they will shift during the drive. Securing your heaviest boxes and pieces with moving straps is especially important.

Our Crew is Here for You

Our team members can work with you on any questions or decisions that you need guidance on for your rental. We also have passenger vans, cargo vans and pickup trucks as part of our fleet for gatherings, adventures or home improvement projects. Reach out via our online contact form.