Tips on Lightening Your Load Before Moving

January 03, 2023, 10:00

While your moving checklist is overflowing, make sure to put paring down your belongings at the top! You do not want to haul any additional items that you no longer want as that will make your move even more strenuous and stressful. 

Consider these tips to truly lighten your load as you head into a new phase of your life.

Heavy and large: Your small appliances such as a crock pot or coffee maker, are a no-brainer to pack up. But what about larger appliances? Lugging your fridge or stove can be a pain as they are cumbersome and take up lots of room in your moving truck. So weigh what is at your new place with what you already own. It can be better to invest in new and more innovative appliances at your new home. You can sell them, donate them or make them part of your deal at your old home.

Clothing review: Our closets tend to overflow with old pieces we think we may wear again! But this is truly your chance to force yourself to go through all of your family members’ clothing and make piles for selling, donating, and keeping. Take a chunk of time to get this accomplished so you will have a fresh and current wardrobe at your new place.

The question of disposable: While not being wasteful, you should consider tossing out some of your disposable items that are toward the end of their lives instead of taking the time to pack them up, label the boxes and transport them to your new destination. Disposing of some disposables can lessen your load of moving boxes.

That old and cozy chair: Your furniture pieces are another key area that you can examine when you want to manage what you are moving. Just like your appliances, couches, chairs, beds, and beyond can take up a lot of moving truck space and be hard to move in and out. Especially if some of your furniture pieces do not match your new home’s style, it is best to pass them on to a new home through donations or by selling them.

Cut the connections: Moving is already hard to do, so do not feel like you need to throw out your whole life when you are heading to a new spot. But if you have not used something in about 6 months, then you more than likely do not need it and can weed it out of your life before your move.

Check-in With Our Moving Experts for Help

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