Top 5 Tips When Renting a Moving Truck

August 18, 2020, 6:31

Moving to a new home is exciting. For many people, it’s a fresh start, a chance to find a new place to belong. But with the excitement sometimes comes stress. Making sure you’re safely moving all of your belongings can be troublesome, so renting a vehicle from a dependable company will help reduce your stress. Marcus Allard Truck Rental offers moving trucks at a great price. We rent out by the week, month and even longer, so you don’t have to settle for less with us. Here are a few of our top tips to make your moving process that much easier. 

Know What Questions to Ask

While we always make sure to provide you with the information that you need, there may be some special circumstances that are specific to you. In that case, be sure to ask the right questions so you have all of your bases covered. For instance, let us know if you need advice on which vehicles you should rent, or if any upgrades or alternatives are available. Your satisfaction is our goal, so never hesitate to let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. 

Gather Your Paperwork

Keeping track of things comes down to being organized. If organization isn’t your forte, now’s the time to be careful about where you put important papers and other documents that you’ll need later. In fact, we recommend keeping these files out of your moving truck altogether since you need to find them easily. 

Examine the Truck’s Interior

Our team thoroughly checks our vehicles. We know you have limited time to complete your project, so we help make yours a success by ensuring your vehicle is good to go. That being said, we recommend checking the inside and outside of the vehicle before you take off. The tire might have lost air during the time you took it to your home, or some other issue you don’t want to ignore. 

Know-How to Pack

Part of the challenge of loading a moving truck is that it involves strategy. No matter what vehicle you’re renting, it’s important to know how to pack it safely and efficiently so you don’t encounter any trouble. There are several methods to packing, depending on what vehicle you’re using, but in general, follow these guidelines:

  • Put heaviest items on bottom 
  • Smaller, fragile items should be packed separately and placed on top of larger items. 
  • If you have something very important to you, we advise against putting it in the back at all. Keep it in the front of your vehicle in a separate container, if possible. This goes specifically for small keepsake items that can easily get lost in a large moving truck. 
  • Pack evenly to spread weight distribution. This adds stability and limits risk of spillovers.

Talk to Our Rental Truck Experts!

Professional advice is always helpful when you’ve got a project in mind. Let our team at Marcus Allard Truck Rental help you safely transport your belongings to your new home, make your trip a success with our wide variety of rental vehicles. Call or message us today to book your rental. We look forward to serving you!