Travel The Safe Route On Your Next Road Trip

October 23, 2018, 5:03

You are packed and ready to go with a vehicle rented from Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, but what additional steps can you take to ensure that you have a safe journey?

If you are going to be in a vehicle for a length of time, check out these ways to hit the road prepared and secure.

A good night’s sleep: Drowsy driving is dangerous. Plan to get rolling in the morning and head to bed as early as possible to get the maximum number of hours of sleep that you usually need. If you get tired while driving, switch with a passenger or take a break from being behind the wheel with a stop.

Route review: Take a moment to know where you are going before you head out on your trip. Research the best route and check if there is any construction happening. Having an app for directions will help, but what if you hit a bad Internet zone or your phone battery dies? It’s a good idea to have your strategy printed out or purchase a paper map to have on hand. By checking your route beforehand, you won’t need to stop or feel pressure to look at your phone while driving.

Weather aware: If you can plan to drive in clear weather conditions, that is ideal. If your timetable takes you on the road at a certain time, check out what to expect for the weather where you are going. Knowing if it’s going to rain, snow or be icy will help you be a more defensive driver and spur you to adjust your expected drive time so you can slow down and be as safe as possible.

Know your vehicle: Take a moment to know where everything is at in your rental vehicle. Know how to turn on headlights and adjust the temperature so you aren’t scrambling while behind the wheel later on.

Build in breaks: When planning your itinerary, schedule a time to stop, stretch your legs, get something substantial to eat or visit the bathroom. It can be tempting to keep driving and pushing through for a quicker journey, but this can lead to driver fatigue.

Our Vehicles Help With Your Safe Journey

At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, we offer a range of vehicles for your specific trek. We have box trucks, passenger vans and pickup trucks on-site and ready to go. The majority of our offerings are the current year model so you know you are traveling in a maintained vehicle. You can rent our vehicle for as little as a day and for as long as a month. View our frequently asked questions for more details about us.

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