Truck Rental Makes Cleaning Out Your Home Easy

December 22, 2020, 6:47

Are you looking for a project this winter? As we spend more time indoors, you may come to realize how much unnecessary stuff you have in your home. The idea of throwing it all in the landfill may sound unappealing, so if you plan on moving out stuff, our rental vehicles at Marcus Allard Truck Rental will come in handy. You can safely move and sell your stuff using our rental vehicles. Here’s how. 

Bring Your Stuff to the Pawn Shop With Ease

If you are leaning towards selling your stuff, you might choose to pawn it. Bring it to the pawnshop using one of our handy pickup trucks. Larger pieces of furniture probably won’t fit in your car or trunk. Instead, a pickup truck is perfect for safely bringing small furniture, chairs, tables, dressers and more. 

Cargo vans are also an excellent choice. Cargo vans have a set of doors that are easy to open to make unloading hassle-free. These vans are perfect if you feel particularly concerned about keeping your items safe while transporting them. This is true if you are selling to an independent seller or if you are simply giving it away and want your items to remain in the best condition possible. Cargo vans will keep your items safe and dry. 

Bring Your Donations

When you have a lot of stuff in your home, sometimes donating it is the right solution. Donating is a feel-good decision since you know your stuff is going to a better place and used by someone who needs it. However, getting your stuff to the local donation center can be a challenge. Some items may be too big to fit into your car’s trunk. Likewise, you need a vehicle that makes loading and unloading easy. We have the perfect vehicles for the job. Our pickup trucks are perfect for hauling small furniture, mattresses, boxes of clothing and so much more. You can easily load everything on our spacious trucks and avoid needing to make multiple trips. Plus, our pickup trucks feature beds that make unloading convenient. You can’t go wrong by renting a pickup truck. 

Recycling Made Easy

Another great option is to recycle your unwanted belongings. While not everything can be recycled, you can recycle many electronics, batteries and various metals. Before bringing your stuff in, be sure to check with your local recycling center to see what kinds of items they accept. Recycling is a powerful way to keep stuff out of the landfill and make a feel-good decision. Then, be sure to rent one of our vehicles! Our pickup trucks make it easy for you and the recycling center staff to take the stuff out and into their center. 

Call Marcus Allard Truck Rental

When you have a home cleanout planned, be sure to rent a vehicle to transport your items, no matter where you need to take them. Make your project happen with Marcus Allard Truck Rental. We cover all of your transportation needs, so you can depend on us for outstanding service and quality rental vehicles. Call us today to book yours!