Vehicle Rental During the Winter: What You Should Know

October 27, 2020, 16:23

If you’re planning on renting a vehicle this winter, there is much you should keep in mind. Safely driving a rental vehicle takes patience and attention, especially when the weather is icy and cold. Make it to your destination safely with the dependable vehicles at Marcus Allard Truck Rental. We regularly maintain and clean our vehicles so you stay safe and confident as you set off on your trip. Here is what you should keep in mind. 

Keep Your Rental Dates Flexible

Patience is key. While you may feel pressed for time, know that it is better to take the drive slowly in the winter. Depart earlier than necessary to give yourself extra time. Book your rental for an extended period of time so you can designate a backup date. Keep an eye on the weather, since conditions can change before you know it. Pay attention to the weather forecast during the days leading up to your trip and note any possibility of poor weather, such as heavy snow, and plan accordingly. 

Review Basic Winter Driving Tips

Sometimes you need a refresher. Read up on basic winter safety tips. Driving in the winter is different than dry, warm weather. The roads can be slick and covered with black ice without you even knowing, so keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Examine Your Vehicle Before Leaving. Our team takes great care to inspect every vehicle before and after the rental period, so it’s unlikely you’ll discover any problems. However, it doesn’t hurt to do a quick check before you leave. Make sure the tires are filled with air and look for any dents or potential problems. Let us know immediately if you notice something, and we’ll take care of it.
  • Drive Slowly. In general, it’s best to avoid moving or long road trips during the winter. But if you cannot work around it, take things slower than normal. Focus on safety, not efficiency.
  • Accelerate and Stop Carefully. Slick roads mean you’ll have a harder time stopping. You don’t want your wheels to spin while starting or stopping, so hit the acceleration and brakes with caution. In a similar vein, be mindful when driving a moving truck or a pickup truck that’s hauling a heavy object to avoid tip-overs.
  • Have an Emergency Pack. Create an emergency pack with a flashlight, batteries, hand warmers, snacks, water bottles and anything else necessary to stay safe should you encounter a major issue.

Winter road trips aren’t impossible if you take the necessary precautions. Deliberate planning and caution will ensure you and your family makes it safely to your destination. 

Call Us Today to Book a Rental Vehicle

Whether you need a box truck to move to your new home, or a dependable pickup truck to haul your camper, Marcus Allard Truck Rental has everything you need this winter. Driving in the cold, snowy weather can be stressful, but our rental vehicles make it easier. Come explore our available rental vehicles and talk to our experts if you need help selecting one.