What Size Truck Do I Need?

September 05, 2023, 14:14

Moving is a challenging and time-consuming experience whether you are relocating across the state or just down the street. Packing, labeling, and transporting all your belongings safely require proper planning and execution. One of the essential elements of moving is finding the right size box truck to haul your goods safely. However, choosing the appropriate size can be overwhelming. Marcus Allard Truck Rental is here to help you find the right vehicle so you can complete your moving project confidently. In this post, we’ll discuss what size box truck you need based on your moving needs and belongings.

Consider The Volume And Weight Of Your Belongings

The first step in determining the size of the truck needed for your move is to estimate the volume of your goods and their total weight. Both our 14-foot trucks and our 16-foot trucks are spacious and strong enough to hold several rooms’ worth of belongings. However, if you’re unsure of what box truck to choose, it’s better to go bigger as you’ll have enough space should you need it.

Evaluate The Distance Of The Move

The distance between your old and new home also plays a crucial role in the size of the box truck you’ll need. The longer the move, the bigger the truck should be. This is because larger trucks have more storage space and have additional features that make long-distance moving more comfortable and safer.

Consider Where You’ll Park The Truck

Another factor that influences the size of the truck you’ll need is the accessibility of your old and new homes. If your apartment or home has a narrow or winding driveway, you’ll need to choose a smaller truck that can fit, if possible. If you’re moving to a high-rise apartment, check with the building’s management on the truck’s highest clearance height.

Size of the Home

The size of your home also determines the size of the truck you’ll need. A small one-bedroom apartment will require a small truck, while a large family home will require a larger truck. Typically, a 14-foot box truck works for a small studio, an efficiency apartment or a one-bedroom apartment. However, for households with more furniture and appliances, our 16-foot box truck is advisable since it features a lift gate for your convenience. 

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If you’re planning on moving, you’ll need a truck that’s large enough to help you bring all of your belongings to your new home. Before settling on a truck, consider the volume, weight, distance, parking space, and cost. Ensure you get the right size to make your move more comfortable and avoid going back and forth, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. With the right preparation and diligence, your move can be stress-free and successful, and you can enjoy your new home without any worries.

Marcus Allard Truck Rental can help you select the best rental vehicle based on your needs. Contact our professionals today to learn more about the vehicles we have in stock.