What to Know When Hauling a Trailer for the First Time

August 04, 2020, 2:15

There’s nothing like hitching your camper to a truck and spending some time in the great outdoors. But driving a truck with a trailer can be a challenge if you go in unprepared. Our team at Marcus Allard Truck Rental offers some advice on driving safely with a large trailer, as well as other tips to make your trip more enjoyable. Here’s what you should consider.

Think About Weight Distribution

Part of what makes driving a trailer so difficult — especially for first-time drivers— is that you have much more to worry about when turning. Flip overs are a real threat that can happen if you take turns too quickly. Drive slowly and be cautious of tight turns. Leaving early for your trip can make a huge difference. It’s not about the destination as much as it is safely arriving there. Slowing down will do wonders and make the vehicle much easier to control.

Be Aware of Your Bumper

A long, heavy load attached to your truck can be difficult to drive with if you don’t have a feel for it. Driving with a trailer takes some skill. You are responsible for knowing the limits of your vehicle’s size and weight. It’s not the same as driving a small car: your bumper is much farther back, so it’s important to travel with this in mind. For instance, if a road looks to narrow, or if a bend is too sharp, proceed cautiously. In fact, you may want to scope out the best route before even hitting the road. Take a close look at the map and determine the most straightforward route. You’ll save yourself a world of trouble.

Check Everything Before You Leave

While our experts always examine our rental vehicles before handing them over, it doesn’t hurt to take another look. Examine the tires to ensure they’re filled with enough air. Look under the vehicle for any visible damage, and make sure all of the doors and windows open and close normally. That’ll give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is good to go.

Go For a Test Drive

Getting acquainted with your vehicle can save you some trouble. Many times, it feels strange driving a car that isn’t yours. Plus, you have a lot to sort out the day that you leave, so familiarizing yourself with the vehicle can prevent some of those pre-road trip jitters. Consider going for a quick test drive around the block to see how the vehicle feels. At the very least, spend some time in the vehicle to identify all the features, the locations of functions and other important parts.

Rent Your Vehicle Today

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