What to Pack in Your First Night Moving Box

September 21, 2022, 15:01

When you are planning your attack on how to pack to move to your new place, do not forget a first night box full of essentials. You will be so relieved when you have everything you need for your first night right at your fingertips when you are worn out from the hard work that moving can be! 

Here we outline some key pieces to include in your first night box or bag that will help you feel at ease the first night in your new home.

Basic cleaning: While you will not be scrubbing your home from top to bottom on your first night, you will want to have certain areas of your home clean, such as your bathroom. Paper towels, cleaning solutions, trash bags, dish soap and cleaning rags are a few ideas of what can help you feel at home in a clean space on your first night.

Basic bedding: Even if you do not feel like arranging and setting up any other furniture, you will definitely want your beds in place and put together for a decent night’s sleep to tackle the next day’s work. Having access to your pillows, blankets, sheets and comforters can be just the ticket to a decent night’s sleep. Make sure your children have all of their favorite fuzzy friends or blankets to help them ease into the transition of a new home from night No. 1.

Basic essentials: You certainly will want to brush your teeth on your first night. Make sure that everyone’s toothbrushes are readily available so that you do not have to dig into moving boxes and spend too much time searching for any personal care item essentials. Your electronics and chargers, needed medication, toilet paper, bath towels and shower essentials are additional ideas of what you need in your first night box.

Basic foods: Snack bars or chips for the late night munchies and donuts and beverages for breakfast can help you get your first morning in your new place off on the right foot. No one needs to be hungry and crabby on the first day of work to make your new space your own.

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